ARCADIAN Services Receives Kosher Approval for Its Pinnacle™ Powder Truck and Pressure Wash

Arcadian Services LLC is proud to announce that its Pinnacle ™ Powder Truck and Pressure Wash is now certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU). Truck Washes and Pressure Washing Companies can now have the confidence to use one product for all of their wash needs and not have to change products when cleaning equipment that requires Kosher approved cleaning compounds.

"We’re always listening to our customers, and the pressure and truck wash communities have wanted a top quality powdered truck wash product that meets the requirements of all of their customers including an OU certification, The OU, the world’s largest kosher certifying agency, is seen as the hallmark kosher certification in the industry.

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For over 30 years, Arcadian has manufactured a complete line of car and truck wash products specifically designed to improve the wash experience, and to clean superior to everything on the market.

Our most advanced presoak lines (Optima & Titanium) have over 2 years of Research & Development with field testing. The results you'll see on your first vehicle washed! Having trouble with getting cars and trucks entirely clean in your touchless washes' Our Titanium and Optima Series products are designed to give the same cleaning results in a touchless environment as a friction unit. The same determination is given to the rest of our products.

Our line of powdered products includes our Pinnacle Powder, Optima PB, Ultrabright Powder and Super Soap. These products are designed with superior cleaning chemistry and are available in 50 pound boxes and 400 pound drums.

Arcadian has manufactured the industry leading Wall Cleaning product, Nu-Wall since its inception. Nobody cleans walls like Arcadian's Nu-Wall which is the most effective wall cleaner to remove scum, buildup and dirt on your wash walls.

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The Orthodox Union, known by the OU symbol, is the world’s largest kosher and best-known certification organization. Founded in 1898, the OU and its more than 500 employees certify 914,722 products and ingredients in 10,540 plants in more than 83 countries.

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