Aqueous Parts Cleaner provides environmental compliance.

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Thermo-Kleen(TM) HPC Water-Based Parts Cleaning System offers programmable temperature controls with ±1° accuracy; automatic low-water, high-temperature shutoffs; self-diagnostic programs; and ETL certification. Sink-on-drum Model 90 features stainless steel sink and is suitable for cleaning small number of parts with light to medium soil levels. Vat-style Model 91 handles larger parts and higher volumes, and offers soaking and scrubbing actions.

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Safety-Kleen Extends Its Legacy of Innovation with Aqueous Parts Cleaning Systems

As the originator and the nation's premier provider of parts washers and environmental services to the automotive industry, and North America's leading industrial waste management company,
Safety-Kleen is introducing its newest innovation in water-based Parts Cleaners. These new units offer the value customers have come to expect from Safety-Kleen products and services, as well as unparalleled safety and efficiency.

The new Thermo-Kleen(TM) HPC Water-Based Parts Cleaning System offers cleaning performance unrivaled in the aqueous market, provides operators the broadest cleaning control, and establishes a new gold-standard in environmental compliance.

Other features standard in the aqueous units include:
o Programmable temperature controls with +/- 1 degree accuracy, enabling complete customization and optimization of the cleaning process;
o Automatic low water, high-temperature shutoffs;
o Self-diagnostic programs to allow rapid correction of minor problems; and
o ETL Certification, giving operators peace-of-mind with regard to unit design and integrity.

Unit reliability is extremely important to Safety-Kleen customers, so all the new aqueous units use heavy-duty pumps, and are designed and engineered throughout to meet the most rigorous industrial standards. This combination of high-quality design and first-class components helped establish Safety-Kleen's reputation for innovation in the 1960s, when the first drum-top cleaner was equipped with an electric light to improve the cleaning process.

The Thermo-Kleen(TM) HPC is available in either the Safety-Kleen Model 90 sink-on-drum design or on the Model 91 vat-style parts cleaners. The Model 90 is ideal for cleaning a small number
of parts with light to medium soil levels. The unit's stainless steel sink offers maximum durability plus the capacity to handle a wide range of parts sizes.

The Model 91 vat-style cleaner is designed to handle larger parts and is recommended for higher volumes. The unit also provides the option of either scrubbing or soaking actions. The soaking option cleans otherwise unreachable crevices and holes in parts.

Additional information on the new Thermo-Kleen(TM) HPC is available by calling 800.323.5040, or at

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