Aquatronics Industries Has Created Two Cost Effective Answers to Global Warming

It has been recently mandated by the Mayor of San Francisco that bottled water, regardless of the bottle size, will no longer be allowed for sale to the metropolitan area of San Francisco. The ban goes into effect July 1st for small volumes and for water coolers by December 1st 2007. This pro-active mandate, by the city of San Francisco, will be in our estimation a "pacesetter concept" that will be adopted by other municipalities across the free world and hopefully transfer into the private sector soon thereafter.

This mandate has been driven by the advent of what we have grown to know as a "global warming consciousness" that has been contributed heavily by the fact that 40 billion bottles are made and disposed of in the USA yearly. In keeping with this ever-growing level of "social, economic, and environmental conscience," we at Aquatronics Industries has created a conceptual approach that has taken on two distinct but compatible disciplines that are focused on utilizing "municipal tap water from reservoirs, as well as surface water emanating from private wells," by performing both purification and potability without the need for any disposable materials. In this case, we are reverting back to "Mother Nature's" most precious gift to mankind, "pure water" from the earth's crust.

Our two fold conceptual approach to reinvesting in "water" our most precious commodity is as follows:
o Aquatronics Industries offers a Whole House Filter design that utilizes anti-microbial components, oxygenation, and filtration to improve on the chlorinated tap water to improve taste, odor, bacteria reduction, and overall performance of the often-maligned "municipal water supplies."
o Aquatronics has further enhanced a patent pending product utilizing AgION antimicrobial materials in combination with a unique purification procedure that employs the same oxygenation and filtration concepts in the Whole House Filter design; however, this system utilizes an antimicrobial wash cycle and an ozonated filtering cycle for water bottles of all sizes.
o This now creates not only a water purification concept but also promotes the recycle and reuse of bottles because they no longer menace landfills with disposal. A major advantage for these concepts to play out this role is the fact that the technology employed is patented and in existence on a "tried and tested" basis for more than ten years. Therefore, the introduction of these concepts are actually a method of "re-adaptation" that is responding to ever growing answers of our "credo" "to preserve and enhance the wonderful world of water."

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