AquaBlock 2 Voltage Blocking System: The Solution for Waterborne Coatings and Electrostatic Applicators

Toledo, OH -- ITW Ransburg, the recognized world leader in liquid electrostatic coatings technology, is proud to introduce the AquaBlock 2 voltage isolation system for waterborne systems.

The AquaBlock 2 is a simple, effective way to "block" high voltage electrostatic paint applicators from a grounded waterborne coating supply. By combining the advantages of waterborne coating technology with the efficiency of electrostatics, you not only reduce your company's environmental impact, but also reduce operating expenses.

The AquaBlock 2's user-friendly and versatile design can fit into any paint feed system with single or multiple applicators. Pneumatic controls simplify the operation providing higher productivity and less need for troubleshooting. Quick color change minimizes interruptions and delays to deliver a consistent finish every time.
The AquaBlock 2 is an efficient way to help reduce the environmental impact of your coating operation while helping your bottom line.

The inventor of the electrostatic process, ITW Ransburg is the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of electrostatic finishing equipment. ITW Ransburg services all industrial applications, including off-road, class 8 truck, aluminum extrusions, metal office furniture, medical, casket manufacturers, leather, tier 1, non-class A, fabricated metals, fork lifts and miscellaneous metals - and that's just to mention a few. We utilize the most efficient technology, delivering a Class A finish to each and every customer, while at the same time reducing VOC's and providing excellent transfer efficiency and atomization.

Harold Ransburg first experimented with paint charging and surface grounding technologies in the 1930's, and patented the revolutionary electrostatic finishing process in 1941. Today, ITW Ransburg remains an industry innovator and serves the global liquid electrostatic spray-finishing marketplace from their headquarters in Toledo, Ohio.

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Contact: Judith Lietzke
Marketing Manager
ITW Ransburg Electrostatic Systems
Telephone: 419/470-2000
Fax: 419/470-2112

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