Aqua Miser Ultra Boss 2 Replaces US Army's Old Water Blasting System

Multiple benefits reported including deep reduction in monthly costs, budget relief and EPA friendly usage.

The US Army replaced their old water blasting system with CESCO's Aqua Miser Ultra Boss 2. According to Kenny Collette of CESCO, the US Army is very pleased and told him the following:

" We have been using the Aqua Miser Ultra Boss 2 for some time now and have found a huge cost difference. Our old system of sand was running in the neighborhood of $2,800 a month and with your systems it is only costing us $1,200 per month. This is a great savings for the National Guard and big burden off our budget. We are especially happy with the EPA friendly usage that is saving us on disposal each month. The only major thing we have seen so far is the tip wearing out but this is from normal use. Again, we are very pleased with your system and look forward to doing some future business with you and your company."

CESCO (Carolina Equipment & Supply Company, Inc.), provides industrial equipment and machinery to the military and industry specializing in abrasive blast and paint spray equipment, blasting media, safety equipment and supplies, air compressors, hydraulic hose and fittings, generators, and pressure washers.

Since 1992, CESCO also has been manufacturing a line of high pressure water blasting equipment called The Aqua Miser(TM). This revolutionary line of equipment combines 15,000 to 40,000 psi water and the patented B.O.S.S. grit injection system to provide results never before possible. By using different abrasives and guns, The Aqua Miser(TM) offers a wide array of capabilities including: quick and effective degreasing and cleaning, stripping paint from surfaces layer by layer, removing heavy corrosion from surfaces, and achieving a white metal blast like sandblasting. The Aqua Miser(TM) can achieve all of this and much more while remaining environmentally safe.

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