AQSafe Viral Transmission Score Press Release

Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Coronavirus Hazard Detection

Scentroid, 70 Innovator Avenue Unit 7, Stouffville On. (Canada) Scentroid, A Canadian manufacturer, develops an instrument that can instantly measure the viral transmission score of any indoor space.

What is a Viral Transmission Score? Based on scientific studies that correlate environmental parameters with movement and transmission of viruses such as COVID, Scentroid has created a system that will measure several air quality parameters. The AQSafe will then feed this data into an advanced algorithm to develop a unique Viral Transmission Score for your space. A low number indicates a lower transmission rate of COVID (or other potential airborne infectants), and a high number indicates a higher transmission rate. An alarm or notification can be set up to notify you or a person of your choosing should this value exceed a specific threshold.

The AQSafe was designed to assist with restoring confidence in facilities forced to close their doors during the pandemic, and to help our front-line workers feel a bit safer in their environment. It will not only revolutionize the future of sensory technology - it will also alter our perception of the air we breathe in indoor spaces.

“What is Your Facility’s Viral Transmission Score?”

Presented by: Dr. Ardevan Bakhtari, President and CEO of Scentroid

Scentroid is the world leader in air pollution and odour measurement equipment and services. Based near Toronto, Canada, we internationally export to over 45 countries around the world. We are the world’s premier manufacturer of odor sampling and analysis equipment. With decades of experience developing stateof-the-art instrumentation for environment, nuclear, and medical industries, we strive to bring new and innovative technologies to the field of odour measurement.

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Matthew Cabral

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