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Seamless All-Ways Messaging and Seamless Follow-Me Messaging enable mobile operators and service providers connect previously isolated messaging domains, grow messaging connectivity across networks, stimulate messaging usage, and increase messaging revenue. Without requiring infrastructure upgrades or subscriber client downloads, solutions offer contextual identity feature so that existing assets are leveraged to optimize value from network.

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724 Solutions Launches Next Generation Seamless Messaging Applications

SANTA BARBARA, California, February 6 -- 724's Seamless All-Ways Messaging and Seamless Follow-Me Messaging unlock the potential for revenue growth with next generation messaging applications.

724 Solutions, a leading provider of next generation mobile data solutions enabling seamless communications in an IP-based world, announced the launch of two market driven Seamless Messaging applications: Seamless All-Ways Messaging and Seamless Follow-Me Messaging, which enable mobile operators and service providers to connect previously isolated messaging domains, grow messaging connectivity across networks, stimulate messaging usage and increase messaging revenues.

724's newly launched Seamless Messaging applications demonstrate how mobile operators can break down the barriers between messaging silos, connect all messaging domains, offer truly converged messaging services, realize the revenue potential and revenue growth from next generation messaging services, and do so without undertaking a wholesale upgrade of their valuable messaging infrastructure or requiring subscribers to download proprietary clients. 724's Seamless All-Ways Messaging and Seamless Follow-Me Messaging uniquely position mobile operators to leverage their existing assets to provide value from the network and avoid becoming a bit pipe to other IP-based service providers.

724's Seamless All-Ways Messaging connects users from previously isolated domains, enabling new communication paths that did not exist, allowing all users to be connected regardless of their device or domain capabilities and stimulating messaging traffic and messaging revenues by increasing the number of connected users. Mobile operators who connect those domains benefit from the increased traffic and increased messaging revenues from the network effect of the newly created super domain of connected users. For example, Seamless All-Ways Messaging connects IP/IMS domains with SMS/MMS domains to enable seamless messaging communications between these new emerging and existing domains. As announced on October 15, 2007, Swisscom and 724 are cooperating in the launch of 724's Seamless All-Ways Messaging for connectivity between their IMS network and SMS/MMS.

724's Seamless Follow-Me Messaging allows messages to follow a subscriber as the subscriber moves across domains, allowing those messages to be delivered to them in the appropriate context for the device they are using at that point in time. For example, Seamless Follow-Me Messaging connectivity to SMS, MMS and enterprise or consumer Instant Messaging domains, enables a subscribers' message to follow them regardless of the device/domain they happen to be on when a message is sent to them. Seamless Follow-Me Messaging eliminates the problem of messages living or dying in the channel or silo selected by the sender, creating a higher message completion rate. A higher completion rate of messages immediately reaching the recipient encourages activity, which drives messaging usage and messaging revenues, along with improving business efficiency.

724's Seamless Follow-Me Messaging also makes the mobile domain much more attractive for social networking communities and instant message communities to reach their members. With Seamless Follow-Me Messaging, messages from these communities can have instant reach to the billions of mobile device users, which are all minimally SMS capable, allowing all community members to be reachable on the device they are currently using, via the existing device client.

724's Seamless Messaging applications uniquely offer an intuitive end user experience by leveraging its Contextual Identity feature, where the messages are not only seamlessly routed to the device currently in use by the subscriber, but the sending address is changed to reflect a context that is easily understood by the receiving client, thereby allowing the receiving user to utilize standard client functions in handling the message. Contextual Identity not only enables a more seamless user experience, but it also allows mobile operators to maintain their value-add position in the messaging value chain by leveraging their unique softer assets -- location and identity -- in the delivery of next generation messaging services.

"Our leading applications for Seamless Messaging are in direct response to overcoming the challenges faced by mobile operators deploying converged messaging: interoperability, simplify the end user experience, increase message traffic, maintain their value-add position, and increase their speed of innovation," said Ian Pattison, Chief Technology Officer of 724 Solutions. "With our Seamless Messaging applications, based on a reliable, scalable, extensible and open platform, mobile operators will be able to overcome these challenges and realize the potential of messaging revenues in next generation service offerings."

"We believe the time for mobile operators to deploy Converged Messaging is now," said XJ Wang, Research Vice President at Yankee Group. "Breaking down the traditional messaging delivery silos and deploying extensible, flexible platforms that will support future OMA Converged IP Messaging (CPM) functionality, will allow mobile operators to adapt to market demands and realize new revenue streams in the short to medium term."

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724 Solutions delivers intelligent any-to-any service message and traffic handling solutions built upon a common carrier-grade architecture that allows mobile network operators to rapidly deploy flexible and open next generation IP-based network and data services. The company's solutions enable the Unwired Lifestyle (TM), 724's vision of seamless communication without barriers; a vision of how subscribers will use mobile data services to enhance and enrich their professional and private lives with services relevant to their specific needs, with user communities preserved across generations of technology and with data services as reliable and ubiquitous as voice services. 724 Solutions is a global company headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and with development centers in Switzerland and India.

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