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Application Software facilitates air quality measurement.

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Jan 07, 2010 - WolfSense® 2010, in conjunction with GrayWolf sensors, transforms Windows XP/VISTA/7 notebook PCs and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs into air quality measurement instruments. Program provides real-time display of trend graphs during data logging; unlimited, appended audio notes; color drawing notes; and auto-attachment to data files or video taken in-situ. Auto-start logging feature initiates trend logs at pre-assigned time and date.

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Original Press Release

WolfSense® 2010 Application Software

Press release date: Nov 23, 2009

GrayWolf introduces a fully revised version of its environmental instrumentation operating software, redesigned from the ground up. WolfSense® 2010, in conjunction with GrayWolf sensors, transforms Windows XP/VISTA/7 notebook PCs and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs into sophisticated air quality measurement instruments.

A greatly improved user interface makes operation of this advanced instrumentation far easier-to-use than much more basic units; and a number of new features have been added, including;
o Real-time display of trend graphs, during data-logging
o Unlimited, appended audio notes (that may later be translated into text for ultra-efficient field documentation)
o Auto-attachment, to data files, of video taken in-situ (with the mobile PC camera)
o On-board video "help" files (for example; showing how to perform a user calibration)
o Color drawing notes
o Auto-start logging that initiates trend logs at a pre-assigned time and date
o A choice of "work-flows" that hand-hold operators through specific IAQ survey strategies, allowing less experienced operators to take advantage of more advanced functions

All of this built upon GrayWolf's extensive, existing range of features including; on-board sensor tips, application-specific educational information, snap-shot instant logs, text notes and much more

WolfSense 2010 also operates on GrayWolf's new embedded computer instruments, such as the WolfPack® Modular Area Monitor. Available parameters include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Carbon Dioxide, Particulates, Differential Pressure, Air Velocity, Ozone, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, %RH, Temperature and much more. Once measurements have been trend-logged over time or spot-logged; review, analyze and report on the data and field-collected notes with the included WolfSense PC software. Optional Advanced Report Generator software automates the entire reporting process.

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