Application Controllers utilize access management module.

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Providing single point of control for securing and delivering applications over Internet, Application Controllers feature Web Access Management Module, which delivers capabilities encompassing certificate management, authentication, authorization, and single sign-on. Users experience access through single web portal and operators don't need to change source code, IP addressing, or server infrastructure. Authentications are logged and user credentials are forwarded in HTML Header.

Original Press Release:

NetContinuum Advances Consolidation of Application Controller Functionality with Launch of Web Access Management (WAM) Module

NetContinuum's Application Controllers Offer Scalable Platform for WAM and Single Point of Control for Securing and Delivering Applications Over the Internet

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 2 /- NetContinuum, the leader in Instant, Secure Application Delivery and DMZ Consolidation, today launched the Web Access Management Module on the NetContinuum Application Controllers. This new module provides a comprehensive suite of application access control capabilities encompassing certificate management, authentication, authorization and Single Sign-On. It can be used to either implement basic authentication and authorization capabilities or to greatly enhance the value that an enterprise gets from implementing Enterprise-class WAM solutions like Computer Associates eTrust(R) SiteMinder. Featured in an in-depth review published this week, the NC-1100 and WAM Module achieved a four-star "CRN Test Center Recommended" rating for its simplicity and ability to become "the central control point for access to all applications." NetContinuum's WAM module will help companies reduce IT administration and help desk costs, improve security and better enforce compliance with industry regulations.

With this announcement, NetContinuum offers a scalable platform for deploying WAM and continues the trend toward Application Controller consolidation with a single point of control for SSL, firewalls, caches, load balancers, SSL accelerators, content switches, web application firewalls, XML firewalls, and now application access control.

NetContinuum's award-winning integrated Application Controllers provide instant protection for enterprise applications while accelerating their delivery over the Internet and ensuring compliance with new regulations from organizations such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Leading analysts predict a convergence of application security and application delivery devices and project a 25% CAGR growth for this consolidated market. Supporting these predictions, NetContinuum announced a record year in 2006 in which its customer base doubled to nearly 200 while its market presence expanded to 22 countries.

"In 2006, we saw organizations adopting controller-based application security as a best practice. In 2007, we expect to see data center teams consolidating a much broader set of capabilities on application controllers because they offer a centralized and cost-effective approach to deploying and managing all the technologies required in a DMZ," said Varun Nagaraj, CEO of NetContinuum.

"Forrester expects further convergence of today's application delivery and acceleration products, which provide services like caching proxies and load balancing, Web application firewall products, and Web services security gateway products ... Many of the Web application firewall vendors will also try to provide protection at the business logic layer of the applications, and some are already heavily focused on data security as well as application security." (1)

Features and Benefits of the NetContinuum Web Access Management Module

The Web Access Management module for NetContinuum Application Controllers provides basic authentication and authorization capabilities working in conjunction with policies stored on LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory, or on internal databases. The module implements two-factor authentication, using a combination of username/password and certificates. Additionally, NetContinuum provides a full PKI infrastructure and can act as a Certificate Authority, including participating in a certificate chain.

With this solution, NetContinuum offers a simple yet powerful single point of entry for multi-application access by supporting Simple Single Sign-On (SSO), by building on its authentication and authorization capabilities and using Web Address Translation and Cookie Session management. Users experience access through a single web portal and operators don't need to change source code, IP addressing or the server infrastructure. Authentications are logged and user credentials are forwarded in the HTML Header making integration with backend applications simple and scalable.

When datacenters require powerful, fine-grained access control to particular application resources with a large user community, NetContinuum offers full-scale WAM integration with Computer Associates eTrust(R) SiteMinder. The scope of integration is broad and encompasses authentication, authorization and SSO capabilities in a single domain and multi-domain environments, along with performance enhancements.

Deploying SiteMinder using NetContinuum Application Controllers reduces implementation complexity and improves transactional throughput. The NetContinuum Application Controller serves as the single high-performance Policy Enforcement Point (PEP), allowing the SiteMinder suite to focus on its role as the Policy Decision Point (PDP). By offloading the PEP function to the NetContinuum appliance, enterprises can simplify deployment because they do not have to deploy dozens of software web agents on backend web and application servers. Offloading the PEP function to NetContinuum also greatly improves the aggregate throughput of the SiteMinder solution because most requests do not have to hit the WAM server infrastructure. This is an important consideration as enterprises begin to expand the scope of their WAM implementations to encompass more employees, customers, and business partners.

Pricing and Availability
NetContinuum Application Controllers are offered starting at $33,000 with price dependent upon various software and platform options. For a limited time, the Web Access Management module is included with the price of the underlying Application Controller platform. NetContinuum also offers all customers premium support with 24x7 call-center support, software bug fixes and updates including Advance RMA for the platform.

About NetContinuum
NetContinuum application controllers efficiently deploy, secure and manage enterprise web applications. NetContinuum Application Gateways enable rapid, secure deployment of new enterprise applications. Our Web Application Firewalls enable data center teams to immediately secure existing enterprise applications. NetContinuum was the first in the industry to define and implement a comprehensive and integrated controller appliance, and continues to lead the industry with its breadth of security features, real-world performance and ease of use. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

(1) "The Forrester Wave: Web Application Firewalls, Q 2006," Forrester Research, Inc., June 2006.

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