Appliances perform application acceleration/load balancing.

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Featuring EQ/OS software platform and Web-based GUI, Equalizer GX series enables IT managers to ensure 100% availability and optimal application performance. Equalizer 350GX SME application traffic manager delivers 850 Mbps throughput, while Equalizer 450GX eCommerce accelerator appliance provides 8,500 tp/s HTTPS performance. Complete datacenter acceleration solution, Equalizer 650GX, ensures uptime and continuity while eliminating single points of failure and preventing over-provisioning.

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Coyote Point Unveils Most Powerful, Affordable Enterprise-Class Application Acceleration/Load Balancing Appliances for Mid-Market

New Coyote Point GX Equalizer Played Integral Part in Helping Political Organization Recruit Volunteers and Donations for the Obama Presidential Campaign

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 12 -- Coyote Point Systems, Inc., the leading provider of application acceleration and load balancing solutions for mid-market companies, today announced the next generation of its load balancing and application acceleration product line: The Equalizer GX family. Built on new hardware and software architectures, the Equalizer GX family provides up to 400 percent performance gains when compared to its predecessor. Providing reduced power consumption, improved reliability, updated components for extended life, and the newest version of Coyote Point's EQ/OS software platform, IT managers can now reduce infrastructure expenditures, while also ensuring 100 percent availability and increased performance of applications across the entire company.

"The mid-market for networking technology is a hard nut to crack, as companies require a lot before they'll adopt a new solution," stated Zeus Kerravala, SVP of Enterprise Research at Yankee Group. "Hardware vendors offering products that are sensitive to the cost-consciousness in this market, while still offering enterprise-class performance, will certainly have a leg-up on their competitors. In terms of application optimization, companies such as Coyote Point Systems that also focus on reliability, ease-of-use and ease-of-deployment -- without a steep learning curve -- are in a good position to serve the sweet spot of the mid-market. We're also seeing a real upsurge in virtualization technology being employed by SMEs; this should be an excellent driver for application acceleration/load balancing appliances."

Political organization is the first to deploy the Equalizer GX. Since 1998, has grown to become one of the largest online political groups today with over five million members. Given its exponential growth, the organization needed to upgrade its application acceleration and load balancing technology to support the amount of Web server traffic. A current Coyote Point customer, returned to the company to support its community growth.

"We compared Coyote against other vendors, such as F5 and Foundry, and found that there was no contest from a cost and performance standpoint," said Patrick Kane, system architect for "We needed to insure that was 100 percent available and responsive during the critical period leading up to the election. We couldn't leave anything to chance when processing online donations; SSL performance was obviously a key requirement. Coyote delivered unbelievable support during our beta test. The E450GX was an integral part of's success in recruiting $88,000,000 in donations and over 933,800 volunteers, and had a direct influence on the success of our campaign. Coyote provides us with plenty of room to grow, and we can sleep better at night knowing that we have a worry-free solution."

Coyote Point's Equalizer GX family is comprised of three appliances, each optimized for particular mid-market environments. Each GX product is easy to use and set up with a Web-based GUI with integrated documentation and real-time traffic management tools -- providing dynamic feedback to users.

-- Equalizer 350GX -- SME application traffic manager -- delivers 40 percent increase in throughout, up to 850 Mb/s, as well as a Layer 4-7 traffic management, 12 GigE ports, and VLB Basic (TM).

-- Equalizer 450GX -- e-commerce accelerator appliance -- includes Xcel-II SSL offload/acceleration for 8,500 tp/s HTTPS performance. An increase of 400 percent.

-- Equalizer 650GX -- complete datacenter acceleration solution for both traditional and VMware virtual servers -- guarantees uptime and business continuity while eliminating single points of failure and preventing over-provisioning. The E650GX includes all of the features of the E350GX and E450GX, but adds 10 GigE ports, Express(TM) Hardware-Based Web Compression and Coyote's Envoy Global Load Balancing solution. The E650GX's support for VLB Advanced enables enhanced virtualized application availability through intelligent load balancing. The product's support for VLB Advanced with Smart Controls reduces capital expenses (fewer servers) as well as reduces operational expenses (power, cooling and management).

Said Bill Kish, Coyote Point's Alpha Coyote, "A decade of innovation is reflected in our new GX platform, including enhanced performance, ease of use, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that's important for growing enterprises with lean IT budgets. And with virtualized server environments becoming commonplace for even SMEs, the new Equalizer GX appliances will provide the perfect solution for monitoring and managing specific application performance within VMware infrastructures."

Pricing and Availability

The Coyote Point Equalizer GX family is now available worldwide through the company's authorized distributors and channel partners. Pricing for the family includes (all pricing MSRP): E250si: $2,495; E350GX: $6,495; E450GX: $10,195; E650GX: $14,395.

About Coyote Point

Coyote Point Systems, Inc. the original load balancing technology pioneer, is a recognized leader in delivering affordable solutions for high application availability and accelerated application performance. In 2008, Coyote Point delivered the eighth generation of its award-winning Equalizer Series platform. Equalizer Series load balancing and acceleration systems provide the industry's foremost combination of performance, affordability and ease of use. Thousands of customers worldwide have deployed Equalizer Series systems to ensure non-stop operations, accelerated delivery and on-demand scalability of business-critical applications and Web sites. Coyote Point is headquartered in San Jose, CA and works with leading channel partners in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. The company can be reached at 1-877-367-2696 or

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