APK Direct Drive Panel Fans

Where high efficiency and quiet operation are required, Continental Fan's APK Direct Drive Panel Fans are the best choice! These powerful fans are available in diameters from 12" through 36", with capacities ranging to 23,000 cfm. The APK Panel Fan has an airfoil adjustable pitch impeller for precise performance matching.  A deep drawn venturi allows for exceptional pressure development.  Fan blades are available in either pressure cast aluminum or glass reinforced polypropylene [GRP].

Continental Fan provides unique designs that are quiet, efficient and performance driven. 

Features & Benefits

• Airfoil adjustable pitch cast aluminum impeller

• Superior performance and sound characteristics

• Deep drawn steel venturi with baked polyester paint

• GRP (polypropylene) blades available

• Custom designs available from 12" to 36"

• Ideal for OEM, replacement, or new construction

• Capacities to 23,000 cfm

The APK Direct Drive Panel Fan, a better AIRFLOW solution from: Continental Fan

……… better AIRFLOW by DESIGN™

For more information contact Bruce Gover, or visit us on the web to view our full line of panel fans.

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