API Toolkit Software integrates with MatrixOne framework.

Press Release Summary:

Brava! WebKit v3.1 for MatrixOne provides users with document and drawing viewing, redlining, printing and design change management functions. MatrixOne Application Exchange Framework enables development of plug-and-play applications by customers with third-party developers. Publisher scalable document processing engine optimizes files for transfer and viewing on the Web.

Original Press Release:

New Integration Delivers Web-based Drawing and Office Document Viewing and Collaboration to MatrixOne's Application Exchange Framework

PHOENIX, Arizona - January 22, 2002 - Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a leader in Web-document and collaboration technology, announced the next release of its market leading Web API toolkit software, Brava! WebKit Version 3.1. for MatrixOne (Nasdaq: MONE). Brava! WebKit technology is currently used by a majority of the world's leading commercial architectural, engineering and construction project portals to give customers and their users document and drawing viewing, redlining, printing and design change management functions. The MatrixOne Application Exchange Framework enables the development of plug-and-play applications by customers and third-party developers.

"With Brava! WebKit 3.1, IGC continues its tradition of integrating their offerings to our applications and framework, which provides enhanced value to our joint customers", said Mark O'Connell, CEO of MatrixOne. "We have high confidence in the quality of their technology and their responsiveness to our joint customers." "After testing other products, it was clear right away that Informative Graphics had a superior technology solution that could work well in our MatrixOne environment", said Jim Carmody, Product Information Manager at Dresser
Industries' Instrument Division, headquartered in Stratford, Connecticut. "They give us excellent service, had us up and running very quickly, and Brava! WebKit's ease-of-use was a big plus when it came to training our staff", he added.

Informative Graphics recently announced the release of Brava! WebKit version 3.1, an enterprise-class document server architecture that includes enhanced office document support and publishing functions. The integration of the Brava! WebKit architecture to MatrixOne's Application Exchange Framework is designed to leverage the new features, such as Publisher, a scalable document processing engine that optimizes files for transfer and viewing on the Web.

"It goes without saying that providing continued support for MatrixOne and their customers with solid, proven technology and service is important for us", said Gary Heath, CEO of Informative Graphics, "and we look forward to extending our already strong market position with Brava! WebKit 3.1."

About Informative Graphics
Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), founded in 1990, is a leading developer of commercial software products for Web publishing and collaboration. The company's easy-to-use products are deployed globally by end-users, OEM partners, and proven over the Web via its Application Service Provider customers. The company maintains a Web site at www.infograph.com.

About MatrixOne, Inc.
MatrixOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: MONE) is the first in Intelligent Collaborative Commerce. The Company's products provide an infrastructure for establishing business-to-business collaboration among trusted customers, suppliers and other business partners, while also enabling standards-based access to independent trading communities and applications hosted by industry service providers. The eMatrix Intelligent Collaborative Commerce solution uses the Web to link people, processes and information to enable dramatic improvements in profitability and efficiency throughout the value chain.

MatrixOne has global customers in the high technology, aerospace/defense, automotive, communications, consumer,
mechanical, machinery, medical equipment and process industries. These companies are using MatrixOne solutions to enhance their competitive advantage in the burgeoning business-to-business economy.

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