Aonix and Fujitsu Team up for Japanese Real-Time Java Market

Pact to be facilitated by NTK Aviation America, Inc.

SSTC Conference, Tampa Bay, June 19, 2007 - Aonix®, a provider of solutions for mission-critical applications development, announced a Memorandum of Understanding has been reached with Fujitsu Limited and NTK Aviation America for mutual cooperation in providing products, services, and support for applications related to real-time Java in Japan. On the basis of this relationship, Fujitsu is considering the application of Aonix PERC technology to future airborne computer systems.

Aonix PERC technology provides the leading predictable and real-time embedded virtual machine technology used by Java developers. PERC is chosen for systems requiring high reliability and elasticity, such as Lockheed Martin Aegis destroyer upgrade, Future Combat Systems, Boeing J-UCAS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and many complex applications outside the defense market. Fujitsu has determined that the same type of application need exists in Japan, and Aonix has determined that Fujitsu is ideally positioned to usher mission-critical Java technologies into Japan.

"Fujitsu is a leading company in IT and communications systems in Japan. With their deep expertise in both Java and mission-critical application development and deployment, Fujitsu is an ideal partner for Aonix," confirmed Dave Wood, Aonix VP Marketing. "We believe that Fujitsu, along with facilitator NTK Aviation America, will be instrumental in helping Japan defense applications take full advantage of Java technologies in complex and real-time systems."

Fujitsu is the only company in Japan providing a total airborne computer solution that contains not only computer hardware, but also a comprehensive software development environment and operating system.

"Aonix has proven to be the world leader in Java solutions for real-time systems development," commented Fujitsu on the teaming arrangement. "Fujitsu is excited about teaming up with Aonix and NTK Aviation America to marry the Aonix mission-critical Java technologies with Fujitsu's expertise in Japan."

NTK Aviation America, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, is a US subsidiary of NTK International Corporation, which was established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1973 and began dealing with the Japan Defense Agency and Japanese defense industry as a qualified trading company. NTK Aviation America will coordinate the group activities as a facilitator and maximize the strength of this Fujitsu-Aonix partnership arrangement.

"NTK Aviation America is pleased to play a key role in connecting the strengths of our partners Aonix and Fujitsu," commented NTK Aviation America. "It's important to tie together all aspects of business, legal, and political relationships to make trans-Pacific strategic alliances successful."

With hundreds of thousands of deployments, PERC Ultra and PERC Pico technology is the most widely used virtual machine technology for mission-critical applications. The PERC Ultra virtual machine offers rich J2SE(TM)-based capabilities, and predictable garbage collection, while PERC Pico provides the low-level access and small latencies that are often required for "close to the silicon" applications. PERC technologies are more predictable and reliable than other Java solutions, while offering much higher productivity and lower lifetime costs compared to C/C++ applications development.

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