Antistatic Industries announces a NEW conductive, 103 Black Static Paint®

Northvale, NJ – Antistatic Industries, a division of ADM Tronics, Inc. (OTCQB-ADMT) has announced the development of a new, conductive Black Static Paint®. which measures 103 ohms. “This particular low measurement is important for those who need a conductive paint/coating which will take a static charge to ground quickly and effectively”, stated Thomas Kistler, Chief Operating Officer at Antistatic Industries. “We have static dissipative paints in the range of 107-109 and conductive paints in the range of 103-105, but this is a breakthrough for us to be able to develop and produce a black conductive paint with a consistent 103 reading”, he continued to say.  

Antistatic Industries manufactures static dissipative products such as Static Paint® which is used to eliminate static build-up. Static Paint® is available in all colors including custom at no additional charge. Eliminating static build-up will help protect valuable electronic equipment and eliminate any static shock to workers in the area. 

Industries and areas served:

  • Aerospace
  • Architects
  • Painting Contractors
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Facility Management
  • Computer Rooms/IT

This announcement comes as Antistatic Industries continues to lead in the efforts in ESD and static control products.

For more information, please contact: Antistatic Industries - 224 Pegasus Avenue, Northvale, NJ 07647 201.660.7800

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