Antimicrobial protects upholstery and bedding fabrics.

Press Release Summary:

With Dimensions Fabrics featuring Nanocide(TM) Antimicrobial, hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and nursing homes can provide environment that is essentially risk-free of contamination. Nanotechnology permanently embeds nanoparticles into surface area of product. When recommended cleaning instructions are followed, nanoparticles cannot be washed away, worn off, or depleted over time.

Original Press Release:

CMI Enterprises Introduces NANOCIDE(TM) Antimicrobial Combining Hi-Tech with Hi-Performance

CMI Enterprises, a leading supplier of soft-trim textiles and fabrication solutions to the health care, contract furniture and transportation industries, has announced the development and market availability of its new environmentally friendly Nanocide(TM) Antimicrobial. Their newly released "Dimensions" line of coated fabrics for upholstery and bedding will be the first of its kind for the industry, featuring the Nanocide(TM) Antimicrobial.

Test results for CMI's "Dimensions" line have shown that 99.9% of resistant Staphylococcus germs that come in contact with it, are killed within 30 minutes. "With our Nanocide(TM) Antimicrobial, hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and nursing homes can now provide an environment that is essentially risk free of contamination, and subsequent patient infection and other potential health related issues from seating and bedding upholstery material," says Michael Novick, CEO of CMI Enterprises.

When compared to arsenic and cyanide-based biocides used in most seating and bedding products today, Nanocide(TM) is clearly the more effective and comprehensive "killing" antimicrobial. Concurrently, it is also environmentally friendly while biocides using Arsenic, are not.

"Traditional antimicrobial products available today are not environmentally friendly nor do they possess the killing capacity of Nanocide(TM)," says Mr. Novick.

Lacking CMI's Nanotechnology in their design and development, other biocide treatments vary within the coated upholstery fabric. They slowly migrate to the fabric's surface where they are fugitive and can be washed and/or worn away over a period of time - completely loosing their "blocking" effectiveness and increasing the risk of contamination and infection.

Conversely, the Nanotechnology and process developed by CMI permanently places or embeds the nanoparticles into the surface area of the product. When the recommended cleaning and care instructions are properly followed, the nanoparticles cannot be washed away, worn off or depleted overtime. Its effectiveness is as powerful at the end of the upholstery fabric's life cycle as it is at its beginning.

"With the use of these innovative nanoparticles, the Nanotechnology employed is unique in the fact that the bacteria does not have to ingest or absorb the biocide, but is killed when it comes into contact with the Ion field on the surface," says Mr. Novick.
The new "Dimensions" with Nanocide(TM) Antimicrobial line will initially target the medical, clinical, elderly care, and EMT industries.

"We are currently researching and developing additional new Nanocide(TM) based product lines to further serve the health care/contract upholstery industry. Providing the coated fabric industry with both fresh colors and antimicrobial protection technology never seen nor offered before," says Mr. Novick.

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