Anti-Vibration Tools Are Show-Stoppers Introduced by Craftsman® at the 2008 International Builders Show

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 14 -- International Builders Show -- Anti-vibration tools are sure to be the show-stoppers at Craftsman's 2008 International Builders Show booth. The Craftsman brand continues to develop innovations and technologies to advance products, using customer feedback and opinions as a guide. Here is a sneak peak of the new, powerful Craftsman tools and hardware that are currently available at Sears,, and in some Kmart stores.

Craftsman Professional VibraFree(TM) 5-inch Random Orbit Sander with Vibration Reduction System and CDS Dust Collection

A 2.7 AMP motor drives 12,000 opm for fast material removal. And the innovative VibraFree vibration reducing technology is designed to dynamically reduce vibration. This technology also helps increase material removal efficiency.

The Cyclonic Dust Air Separator provides better material collection that leads to a cleaner work surface. An over-mold handle provides comfort, while an aluminum base reduces the weight and prolongs the life of the tool. A sealed rocker switch prevents dust from clogging the switch and a 5-inch dual pad hook and loop allows the user to replace only the pad that is worn.

Accessories include: 1 piece Cyclonic dust box, 1 piece dust tube, 5 pieces of fine, medium and coarse grit sandpaper and an impact-resistant case.

Model Number: 25927
Regular Price: $99.99
Availability: July 2008 at Sears and

12.0 amp Craftsman Professional VibraFree Reciprocating Saw with Vibration Reduction System (VRS)

This super-charged motor provides sure cuts in wood, wood base building materials, plastics, fiberglass, ferrous metal, pipe, tubing, soft metal and nails. Its counter balance system is designed to reduce vibration and put it to work for you.

Variable speed controls (four-position orbital action) allow you to match the cutting speed to the correct blade for the material being cut. You're in control of the speed by changing the amount of pressure you apply to the trigger switch.

An overmold handle provides maximum comfort, balance and control while the LED light illuminates the cutting area for better visibility. And its easy lever action blade change system means no tools are required. An adjustable front shoe slides in and out, locking into place to allow you to adjust the depth of the cut.

Accessories: includes 3 blades (general purpose, wood and metal); and an impact-resistant case for storage and protection of the saw and blades.

Model Number: 26043
Regular Price: $139.99
Availability: July 2008 at Sears and

Craftsman Professional 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This Craftsman professional 10-inch sliding miter saw is designed to meet the intricate needs of the professional user. It is well equipped to handle crown-molding cuts with ease as well as cutting up to 12-inch wide wood material. This saw is outfitted with long extensions plus a roller and stop block and a quick-release clamp to ensure proper support during cuts.

o This saw features the Crown Molding Kit which consists of a throat plate and sliding fence with pre-measurements of molding and a crown molding stop to hold the molding in place so that it is cut at the angle it sits on the wall.

o The new Adjustable Laser enables the user to adjust the laser line to the left, right or directly on the cut line. It is also beneficial for the users that change blades because now they can account for the differences in blade widths.

o The Micro-Adjustment Miter is a rack & pinion system in which you can over-ride the detents to "dial in" the most intricate measurements.

Model Number: 21201
Regular Price: $449.99
Availability: Now available at Sears and

Craftsman Digital Miter Gauge
The New! Digital Miter Gauge determines precise miter and bevel angles with ± 0.1 degree accuracy The digital clarity of the LED screen easily identifies angles and reads right side up, even when upside down, to increase the accuracy of the cutting task. -50-degrees to 50-degrees bevel (or blade tilt), miter and angle range. Use with all bench, portable and stationary tools with a standard ¾-inch miter-gauge slot. The miter bar is adjustable to remove play from the miter slot.

Model Number: 29939
Regular Price: $79.99
Availability: Sears and, February 2008

New! Craftsman 10-inch Compound Miter Saw with Stand N Stow(TM):
This Craftsman Miter Saw with Stand N Stow(TM) is the first to offer a saw and stand that is storable and portable with easy setup. Homeowners can now store their saw when not in use to increase floor space in their garage or workshop. It can also be easily carried from jobsite to jobsite and set up quickly.

o The Stand N Stow(TM) Base makes transportation and storage of the miter saw easy because the stand folds up and stores inside the saw base secured by elastic straps.

o The new Adjustable Laser enables the user to adjust the laser line to the left, right or directly on the cut line. It is also beneficial for the users that change blades because now they can account for the differences in blade widths.

o The Multi-position D-Handle conforms to the angle that is most comfortable to the user. It assists in providing complete control when making bevel or compound cuts.

Model Number: 21238
Regular Price: $219.99
Availability: Sears and, February 2008

Craftsman Professional 10-inch Portable Table Saw
This Craftsman Professional Portable Table Saw is loaded with an abundance of features designed with the professional user in mind. This saw is powered by a 15 amp, belt driven motor that will power through wood materials up to 3-9/16-inch thick. (4x4 nominal lumber)

o The Superior Action Easy Fold Stand makes transport of this pro saw
easy and effortless. The stand features 8-inch rubber wheel for easy
transport between jobsites.

o The Sliding Miter Table with built-in miter gauge makes
cross-cutting and angle cutting smooth and easy. The material to be
cut moves with the sliding table to minimize any resistance or
friction going through the blade.

o The Built-In Router Table provides the ability to mount a router
under the saw for convenient access when routing cuts are necessary.

o This saw features an Extra-Large Rip Capacity that spans up to 33
inches on the right and up to 30 inches on the left by easily
adjusting the sliding rails.

Model Number: 21829
Regular Price: $499.99
Availability: Now available at Sears and

Craftsman Lithium-Ion Battery Pro Line Cordless Tool Platform
o This line of tools is designed to handle the toughest jobs. The 20
volt DieHard Lithium-Ion battery supports an entire suite of quality
tools, including a professional drill, a circular saw with LaserTrac
laser technology and an LED worklight.

o SmartChip protects each cell from overcharge and over discharge, and
the battery pack from extreme temperatures -- the primary culprit for
battery failure.

Save money and expand your combo kit by purchasing additional add-on tools sold separately without batteries like a 20 volt jigsaw, 20 volt reciprocating saw or a 20 volt impact driver.

Model Number: 26325
Regular Price: $399.99

Craftsman AccuTrac Laser Measuring Tool
Where other measuring tools utilize lasers only to pinpoint a spot, then utilize sonar to actually gauge the distance, AccuTrac measures distance with the laser itself, assuring accurate measurements within a fraction of an inch.

Features a soft touch key pad, calculations for measuring square areas, a large backlit LCD screen and a protective nylon case.

This user-friendly tool quickly measures distances from point to point and volume with precise laser accuracy and displays them on a large, back-lit LCD screen -- all at the push of a button.

DIYers can use the measuring tool for exact estimates when purchasing materials, such as fencing, carpet, tile, paneling and paint or when calculating the size of HVAC units needed for a home.

Model Number: 48298
Regular Price: $119.99

New! Craftsman Digital LaserTrac® Levels in Torpedo, 10-inch, 24-inch and 48-inch models:

Digital technology takes the guess work out of reading and calculating angles with physical vials. A large back-lit LCD screen briefly displays temperature when the power is turned on, then clearly displays the angle of the tool, accurate to ± 0.1 degrees. The digital display always reads right-side up, even when the tool is up-side down.

o Audible tone identifies the angle in 45-degree increments from 0 to 90 degrees.

o Recalls the last nine measurements, calculates degrees between two angles, and projects a bright red laser dot accurately to ¼ inch at 100 feet.

o Durable Aluminum construction with integrated 47-inch ruler.

Model Number: 48290
Regular Price: $99.99 / $89.99
Availability: Sears and, January 2008

Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level:
The Digital Torpedo Level has intuitive buttons making it convenient and easy to use. The 2-inch LCD screen provides digital clarity, displaying the measurement of each angle clearly and accurately. When the level is held upside-down, the LCD readout "flips" to read right-side-up. For easy conversion and measuring, the "Convert" button converts angles into degrees, rise over run (in/ft) and percent of grade.

o Pocket sized, lightweight, durable construction.

o Zero button automatically calibrates the level to any surface being measured.

o Accurate to ± 0.1 degrees and can be read both indoors and outdoors.

Model Number: 48295
Regular Price: $29.99 / $34.99
Availability: Sears and, October 2007

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