Anti-Seize Lubricants come in semi-solid stick form.

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Anti-seize stick lubricants facilitate dispensing directly onto parts, will not leak or drip, and can be stored in pocket or toolbox. Loctite® C5-A® copper-based lubricant shields against seizing and galling in dry service temperatures of -20 to +1,800°F. Loctite® Silver Grade heavy-duty thread lubricant has smooth texture for protecting fine threads and closely mated parts. It lubricates and permits disassembly of threaded parts in temperatures to 1600°F.

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Henkel Loctite Introduces Anti-Seize Sticks

Rocky Hill, Conn. - October 31, 2003.... To simplify and improve industrial maintenance, Henkel Loctite Corporation has introduced two anti-seize lubricant products in semi-solid stick form. Anti-seize stick technology facilitates dispensing directly onto parts, is less messy, and minimizes waste from over-application. Convenient and portable, Loctite® C5-A® Anti-Seize Stick is a copper-based lubricant that shields against high temperature seizing and galling. Studs, bolts, flanges, gaskets, and other mated parts remove easily and in cleaner, better condition when used in typical dry service temperatures of -20°F to 1800°F (-29°C to 982°C). Loctite C5-A Anti-Seize Stick can be used on copper, brass, cast iron, steel, all alloys including stainless steel, all plastics, and all non-metallic gasketing materials. Loctite® Silver Grade Anti-Seize Stick is a heavy duty, high temperature anti-seize thread lubricant with a smooth texture suitable for protecting fine threads, snug slip fits, and other closely mated parts. This product lubricates and permits easy disassembly of threaded parts exposed to temperatures up to 1600°F (870°C). Typical applications include boiler and oven parts, jet engines, and industrial turbines. These semi-solid sticks will not leak or drip and can be easily carried in a pocket or stored in a toolbox. Both products are available in 20 gram packages. For more information on Loctite® C5-A® Anti-Seize Stick and Loctite® Silver Grade Anti-Seize Stick, call 1-800-LOCTITE or visit the company's Web site at Since 1997, Henkel Loctite Corporation, formerly Loctite Corporation, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, has been part of the Henkel Group. It operates in markets as diverse as electronics, automotive, aerospace, biomedical and general industry. Henkel is a leader in consumer brands and technologies. The branded business sectors are Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Consumer and Craftsmen Adhesives. Henkel Technologies is the world market leader in Industrial Adhesives and Surface Technologies. The three systems businesses - Henkel Industrial Adhesives and Sealants, Loctite Engineering Adhesives and Henkel Surface Technologies - supported by their worldwide presence and strong technology base, are the pillars of Henkel Technologies' success. In Laundry & Home Care and in Cosmetics/Toilletries, Henkel holds a leading position in Europe. "Henkel - A Brand like a Friend": With strong brands and advanced technologies of superior quality and value Henkel makes people's lives easier, better and more beautiful. The company operates in more than 75 countries. In the first six months of 2003, Henkel Group generated sales of 4.7 billion euros and an operating profit (EBIT) of 348 million euros. A total of 48,490 employees work for Henkel on a worldwide basis.

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