Anti-Counterfeiting Tool provides one-click authentication.

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Able to integrate with existing track and trace solutions, ScanSure guards against common supply chain vulnerabilities. Forensic-level reader, in one click, determines if product is counterfeit, diverted, illegitimate, or part of third shift (unauthorized production) operation. In addition to barcodes, this supply chain security solution for brand owners and governments can also authenticate holograms, serial numbers, and other anti-counterfeiting security features.

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InkSure Releases the Next Generation Barcode Reader - Offering Currency Level Authentication and Track & Trace in One Click

NEW YORK -- INKSURE Technologies Inc. (INKS.OB), the market leader in machine readable taggants and hand-held readers has announced the release of ScanSure, a new forensic-level reader that brings with it the next generation of barcode technology. The latest edition to InkSure's anti-counterfeiting product line, ScanSure guards against common supply chain vulnerabilities. In one click ScanSure will determine if a product is counterfeit, diverted, illegitimate or part of a "third shift" operation (unauthorized production).

In addition to barcodes, ScanSure can also authenticate holograms, serial numbers and other commonly used anti-counterfeiting security features. With the ability to authenticate a host of security features, ScanSure provides an efficient and cost effective supply chain security solution for brand owners and governments.

ScanSure can integrate seamlessly with any existing track & trace solution. For organizations that are currently not using such a system, InkSure offers, TrackSure, a cloud-based customizable track & trace solution.

"The problem of counterfeiting gets a lot of attention but this is not the only way criminals use an organization's brand for their own gain. For example, many outsourced manufacturing plants sell their customers' products through diverted channels; run "third shift" counterfeiting productions and try to sell recalled or expired products. Therefore companies need to have systems in place that identify all of these supply chain security breaches, not just counterfeiting," said Tal Gilat, president and CEO of InkSure Technologies.

"ScanSure is the most unique and robust reader that InkSure has ever created. No other reader is designed to give complete authentication and track & trace information. The system we have created is dynamic, thorough and gives organizations the control they need to secure their supply chains from the most notorious security breaches," said Viktor Goldovsky Ph.D, head of business development at InkSure Technologies.

Early adaptors of ScanSure have been impressed by the unique and comprehensive analysis that is so easily obtainable in one click. ScanSure and its accompanying next generation barcode technology have already been implemented successfully throughout the world and protect over five hundred million items per year. To date over 30 people have been arrested and approximately 2 million pirated products have been seized as a result of ScanSure use by governments.

About InkSure Technologies Inc.

InkSure Technologies is the industry leader in machine-readable technology for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. InkSure's taggant technology is applied to tens of billions of consumer items and high-value documents annually. The company targets a number of industry sectors, including finance, government, pharmaceuticals and transportation.

In 2011, InkSure was named one of the Top 25 Suppliers of Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Security Technologies by Global Identification Magazine and received a commendation from the IHMA for Best Applied Security Product. InkSure's CEO, Mr. Tal Gilat, was awarded the 2011 ID People Americas Award for his contributions to the anti-counterfeiting market.

InkSure is based in New York City, SEC regulated, and publicly traded under the symbol INKS.OB.

CONTACT: Sarah Hein, marketing director, +1-646-233-1454 x 24,

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