Anti-Corrosive Cartridge prevents contaminant build-up.

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Installed directly in cooling duct and fixed by conventional plugs of cooling circuit, Z9900 helps prevent limestone and rust from building up on cooling channel walls. As cooling water flows around cartridge, chemical reaction takes place between steel tool wall and anti-corrosive cartridge. Micro-particles are chemically rubbed from alloy of cartridge and create minute film in cooling channel that prevents limestone or rust deposits while ensuring even cooling performance.

Original Press Release:

Presenting the New Z9900 Anti-Corrosive Cartridge

The consistent quality of a moulding depends heavily on the optimum cooling of the injection mould. Usually the cooling time is the longest part of the mould cycle, and therefore has a major influence on the number of parts produced. For this reason, greater emphasis is being placed on optimum cooling circuits to achieve the best possible results.

After just a few hours in operation, water contaminants such as lime stone or even oxygen can form an insulating layer on the walls of the cooling channels. This results in corrosion and leads to undesirable deposits building up, and every tenth of a millimeter thickness of deposits reduces the effectiveness of the cooling performance, leading to lower part quality and a much longer cycle times. Rising costs per part are the result.

HASCO is now presenting the new type of anti-corrosive cartridge Z9900 at future exhibitions. This is installed directly in the cooling duct and fixed by the conventional plugs of the cooling circuit. The cooling water flows around the cartridge and a chemical reaction takes place between the steel tool wall and the anti-corrosive cartridge. The water acts as a conductor.

During this process micro-particals are chemically rubbed from the special alloy of the cartridge and create a minute film in the cooling channel. This protective film effectively prevents lime stone or rust deposits. It ensures an even cooling performance and thus a constantly high product quality. The maintenance effort is minimised, the high tool quality is retained and the mould value is secured for the long term.

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