ANSI Van Stone Style Plastic Flange Kits for 1", 1 ½", 2" & 3" Flanges

Spectrom is proud to announce another Industrial Equipment Related Accessory product offering to our Distribution Network. The kits are constructed of *George Fischer-Sloane PVC or CPVC (Other Materials Available on request) with Threaded or Socket connections. Each kit has a gasket option of EPDM, or GORE Universal Pipe Gasket and all kits include 304 S.S. hardware to connect the flanges.

The kits are ANSI so they will not only connect to AOD pumps, they will also work with any matching size & material ANSI flange connections.

  • One stop shop for you pump installation accessories
  • Competitive Pricing for Industrial Quality Flanges
  • Stock Kits can ship the same day, standard lead time is one week

  • Note: 3" CPVC Van Stone Threaded Flange is from Spears Mfg. Company.

  • Official release date is scheduled for Jan 31, 2011
    (Part Numbers & Pricing to follow)

    For questions and comments contact:

    Lagos Castañeda 909-422-1730

    Jim Trainer 909-422-1730

    Dwane Lamb - Director of Spectrom Aftermarket Parts

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