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Anodized Aluminum Tripod features magnetic mount.

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Anodized Aluminum Tripod features magnetic mount.

Jan 09, 2012 - With collapsed height of 10 in. and total height of 18 in., Model MM-3 enables operators to securely mount cameras, night vision devices, and other electronic equipment weighing up to 40 lb to any ferrous metallic surface. Unit includes 3 mounting feet equipped with 200 lb grip magnets, providing total of 600 lb of gripping force. Each mounting leg provides 180° of movement, and each magnetic foot is attached to mounting legs with swivel socket to conform to different surface angles.

Original Press Release Introduces Anodized Aluminum Magnetic Mount Tripod for Mobile Applications.

Press release date: Jan 06, 2012 introduced today the addition of an aluminum tripod with magnetic mounting capability that provides a stable mounting platform for cameras, night vision devices, and high value electronic equipment. This lightweight tripod is designed to provide secure mounting of equipment on vehicles, equipment, or boats where heavy vibration and off-road driving conditions may be encountered. Incorporating anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware into a highly adjustable and versatile tripod design, this unit is ideal for military and heavy duty applications where high value equipment is exposed to demanding operating conditions.

The MM-3 magnetic mount aluminum tripod from Larson Electronics' is designed to allow operators to easily and securely mount optical, sensory, and lighting equipment weighing up to 40 lbs to any ferrous metallic surface. This tripod includes three mounting feet equipped with 200 lbs grip magnets to provide a total of 600 lbs of gripping force, allowing these units to withstand high speeds and off-road conditions without losing stability. Each mounting leg provides 180 degrees of movement, and each magnetic foot is attached to the mounting legs with a swivel socket to allow each foot to conform to a different mounting surface angle. This adjustable leg and mounting foot design is ideal for military applications where equipment must be mounted in unusual locations on armored vehicles. An adjustable center post mounting platform provides vertical height adjustment and allows users to attach any equipment up to 40 lbs in weight utilizing standard camera type mounting designs. These adjustable tripods are designed to meet Navy SPAWAR specifications and constructed of solid anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware to resist the effects of corrosive environments. The MM-3 aluminum tripod has a collapsed height of 10 inches and can be adjusted to a total height of approximately 18 inches. These tripods provide an ideal mounting solution for operators who require an equipment mounting platform that provides excellent stability and adjustability as well as the ability to be easily detached and mounted to another vehicle without any permanent hardware.

"The idea behind this MM-3 tripod is that many times operators need to semi-permanently attach high dollar equipment or instruments to more than one surface at a time to create stability," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "The MM-3 enables operators to attach the tripod to two or three surfaces simultaneously. Moreover, each mounting surface can be uneven since the magnetic base feet are also adjustable. More often than not, operators don't have access to perfectly flat surfaces, so the adjustable legs and adjustable feet create mounting opportunities in unusual places."

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