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Anode Screw Jacks operate in temperatures from 0 to +90°C.

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Dec 13, 2005 - Anode jacking system combines positional accuracy, speed variation, and continuous-duty cycles, enabling anode to be adjusted in conjunction with alumina feed. Designed and manufactured for aluminum smelting anodes, complete system includes motors, gearboxes, drive shafts, and couplings. Heavy-duty products feature keyless, hexagonal drive ends; high-temperature grease; double bearing arrangement for worm shaft; and one-piece rod end and lifting screw.

Power Jacks Limited - Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, GBR

Original Press Release

Anode Screw Jacks

Press release date: Nov 24, 2005

A new design of anode jacking system developed by Power Jacks can offer both high positional accuracy, speed variation and continuous duty cycles enabling the anode to be adjusted in conjunction with the alumina feed to allow consistent optimum production. Power Jacks design and manufacture Anode Screw Jacks and their systems for aluminium smelting anodes. The complete anode jacking system including motors, gearboxes, drive shafts and couplings can be supplied. The screw jacks are a special heavy duty variant of the standard screw jack, these Anode Screw Jacks incorporate features such as:

Extended protection pipe (top and bottom) High temperature grease Hexagonal drive ends (no keys) Double bearing arrangement for worm shaft; plain bearings plus thrust roller bearings One piece rod end and lifting screw (forged) High temperature bright aluminium paint work Operating temperature 0°C to +90°C

These screw jacks are designed with a large overload capacity to cope with:

Side load stresses caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the anode frames. High compressive overloads caused by frozen pots