Animal Deterrent Fences are offered with alert strobe.

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Designed for use on TransGard electrical substation fence, which prevents animal incursions, Alert Strobe acts as safety signal that indicates when fence is energized. Unit displays steady green strobe light when system is functioning properly and flashing red strobe light to indicate low power or service disruption. When integrated into substation's SCADA system, Alert Strobe can provide 24-hr remote monitoring of fence's functioning.

Original Press Release:

TransGard Introduces Alert Strobe for Animal Deterrent Substation Fences

New control panel provides added on-site safety, reliable remote monitoring

(New Freedom, Pa.) - TransGard Systems, manufacturer of fencing that prevents animal incursions at electrical substations, has developed an Alert Strobe for its patented system. The Alert Strobe provides a simple and effective means for technicians to determine that a TransGard fence is functioning properly.

The Alert Strobe displays a steady green strobe light when the system is functioning properly and a flashing red strobe light to indicate low power or service disruption. The unit can also be integrated into a substation's supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, to provide 24-hour remote monitoring of a TransGard fence's functioning.

The Alert Strobe will be a standard feature on all new TransGard primary entryway panels and can easily be added to TransGard entryways already operating in the field.

TransGard Systems developed the Alert Strobe to its highly effective system to act as an added safety signal that clearly indicates to technicians, neighbors or intruders that the fence is energized. The Alert Strobe also simplifies troubleshooting by providing an immediate visual indicator of a misconnected panel or other performance problem.

TransGard offers the only substation fence that delivers a mild electric shock that deters climbing animals but won't harm them. This humane approach offers the most effective barrier against animal incursion, and increasingly significant problem that has resulted in billions of dollars of annual expenses due to substation outages.
TransGard System recently marked the installation of its 2000th fence in the United States. For more information on TransGard and its new Alert Strobe, visit

About TransGard Systems

TransGard's patented fencing was developed exclusively to eliminate substation outages caused by climbing animals. Since it was founded in 1990, TransGard fences have been installed at more than 2,000 substations in the U.S. and Canada, and as far away as South America. For more information or to request a quote, visit

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