Anglo Coal Mine Installing Underground Tracking and ICCL

Anglo Coal Australia's Moranbah North Mine has selected MST's underground tracking and ICCL cap lamp systems as part of their communication upgrades at their mine in central Queensland, Australia.

Similar to some recent installations at Springvale and United coal mines, Moranbah North has taken the opportunity to upgrade their cap lamp batteries to the new ICCL unit, and additionally introduce electronic RFID tracking into the underground mine. Hence the ICCL's will contain a PED receiver to operate off the PED transmission system already in place, as well as including RFID tags to work with the TRACKER System.

The installation consists of:

442 x ICCLs with PED receiver and RFID tag.
120 x Self-contained tags on underground diesel vehicles.
18 Read beacons.

Moranbah North management's justification was based on:

Tracking people for safety of people.
Vehicle fleet management, including access control into ventilation districts.
OH&S by introducing the lightweight ICCL's, and that the PED and Tag can be in one unit.

We are appreciative of Moranbah North and Anglo Coal Australia in choosing MST's technologies in the competitive tender, and look forward to working with their site engineers to ensure the benefits of the introduction of these technologies are realised.

Some more information on the TRACKER Tagging System can be viewed at:

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