Andy's Deli Chooses Rhino Steel Buildings

DALLAS -- Andy's Deli and Mikolajczyk Sausage Shop, a Chicago-based deli known for its selection of 150 different food items, has chosen Rhino Steel Buildings as its partner for all future expansion projects, beginning with a Wisconsin operation slated to open in 2013.

Known for its specialties of Polish sausage and other European meats, Andy's Deli has experienced incredible growth since its founding in 1918. What was once one of Chicago's best kept secrets has become a recognized brand that sells to hundreds of stores across the United States. With this growth, they needed the right partner to help them expand - enter Rhino Steel Buildings.

"We'd heard about Rhino for a long time, but never had an opportunity to do business with them before," said Jacek Zak, general manager of Andy's Deli. "It was the time element of steel buildings we were initially attracted to. We needed a fast-moving technique for building. Want to build it ourselves with our own crew and the prefabricated metal building kit works well for our end use."

As one of its first moves outside the Chicago area, Andy's Deli will be opening up a new base of operations in Endeavor, Wisconsin. Rhino will be supplying all the materials directly from their warehouse in Indiana, which will include 4 separate, prefabricated metal buildings that will connect to form a single structure.

Construction is already underway on the project, which will include offices, a 2,000 square foot store and a meat processing plant, and will employ approximately 50 people upon opening.

Given the sensitive temperature requirements for buildings like meat processing plants, Zak says the upgraded insulation Rhino offered them was a deciding factor in going with the company.

"My guys were completely shocked at the efficiency of the insulation package," says Zak. "We erected the framing of the first buildings last autumn and continued working inside throughout the course of the winter. The Rhino Pro-Value insulation worked so well we never had to heat the building all winter. It was astonishing."

The Wisconsin project has gone so smoothly that Andy's Deli has decided to partner with Rhino for all future projects, which currently include at least one more sausage factory and processing facility in the next decade.

Rhino Steel Buildings is a metal building manufacturer offering solutions for all sorts of structural needs, from warehouses to aircraft hangers to recreation centers. Founded in 1998 in Denton, TX, Rhino's unwavering commitment to fulfilling their customer's needs has led to unprecedented growth. The company now has 7 shipping locations across the U.S. and can deliver a building in as quick as 4 weeks. Each building is designed to meet wind and snow load requirements for the buyer's specific area of the country, as well as other performance-related requirements. For a full listing of buildings offered by Rhino, visit

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