Andes Coil Processors Announces Installation of a 52-inch Embossing Line

GARY, IN (November 12, 2020) – Andes Coil Processors has added embossing services to its Gary, Ind., facility with the installation of a new 52-inch embossing line.

The embossing procedure is a unique, metal-forming process producing raised and/or sunken designs into metal without changing the material thickness. Andes Coil Proccessors’ line provides the non-directional stucco pattern, producing a depth of up to .013 inch. This pattern services shelving products, industrial flooring, building products and many other products in related industries. Additional output patterns will be added as customers’ requirements warrant them. 

The line runs at a speed of 250 feet per minute plus, running coils between 5 inches in width up to 52 inches wide with gauge ranges between .010- and .045-inch thickness for steel products and .010- and .080-inch thickness for aluminum products. The maximum incoming and outgoing weight capacity is 25,000 pounds. 


  • Maximum Width: 52 inches
  • Maximum Incoming Weight: 25,000 pounds
  • Maximum Outgoing Weight: 25,000 pounds
  • Input ID Minimum: 20 inches
  • Input ID Maximum: 20 inches
  • Output ID Minimum: 16 inches
  • Output ID Maximum: 20 inches


  • Minimum Gauge: 0.010 inch
  • Maximum Gauge: 0.042 inch


  • Minimum Gauge: 0.010 inch
  • Maximum Gauge: 0.080 inch


  • Non-Directional Stucco

“Andes is continually looking for areas of expansion within our company,” stated Lori Melvin, general manager. “The addition of the embossing line gives our existing customers another avenue to expand their own growth as well as an opportunity for us to grow beyond slitting, obtaining an expanded customer base. At Andes, it is our goal to continue to find ways to help our customers grow with us!” 

As a toll processor, Andes does not own steel but rather provides processing and logistical services to its customers.

About Andes Coil Processors
Andes Coil Processors is a steel toll processing business that provides rail, warehousing, slitting, cut-tolength and trucking solutions to its customers. With three locations, Andes operates in the North Texas and Northern Indiana manufacturing hubs. The company has served the Texas region for 40 years.

More information is at

Howard Pena, President, Partner
Andes Coil Processors

Frank Eberwein, Vice-President, Partner
Andes Coil Processors

Bill Wilson, CEO, Partner
Andes Coil Processors

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