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Analytic Systems introduces Ideal Multi-Bank Battery Isolator for 2 and 3 bank battery systems

Delta, BC, Canada – Analytic Systems introduces the IBI (Ideal Battery Isolator) for 2 bank and 3 bank battery systems, allowing all the batteries to be fully charged from a single alternator while maintaining electrical isolation between the battery banks. Ideal Diode technology reduces the voltage drop across the Isolator to a mere 160 millivolts even at 200 Amps of charging current so all the power of the alternator is applied to the batteries.

Analytic Systems became aware of the need for such a product when CEO James Hargrove  chartered a sailboat and noticed that even though the boat was nearly new, the batteries were not charging properly. He traced the issue to a traditional diode-based battery isolator that linked the two battery banks to the alternator. The isolator was dropping a full volt across its terminals, so even though the alternator was outputting correct voltage for the batteries, because of the voltage loss caused by the isolator, they never received that last critical volt that is required for full recharging.

Hargrove challenged his RD team to come up with a better solution, and specified that the isolator had to drop essentially zero volts at low current, and less than 0.2 volts at full current, which he set to be 200 Amps, equal to the output current of today's high output alternators. It also had to be compatible with both 12 and 24 volt battery systems found on most boats.

His team did not disappoint and came up with an Ideal Diode based design using high current MosFet transistors and custom control circuitry to reduce the voltage drop to a mere 160 millivolts at 200 amps. Their design is compatible with 12, 24 and 32 volt battery systems, and models for 2 and 3 bank battery systems are now available at a very competitive price. The circuitry is fully encapsulated for maximum marine protection and reliability.

Analytic Systems has been building voltage converters, inverters, power supplies and battery chargers for the Marine, Military, Industrial, Telecom and Transportation markets since 1976. Based in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Analytic Systems manufactures all its products in house, keeping jobs and creating quality in North America.

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