Amtech Celebrates a 10 Year Milestone - Servicing the Solar Panel Industry with Its Ultraseam® 20 Metal Seam Welder

DANBURY, CT - March 5, 2007 - It has been 10 years since the Solar Panel Industry began using the Ultraseam® 20 Metal Seam Welder from AmTech. This welder is ideal for continuous welding of aluminum and copper foils at speeds up to 22 meters per minute. It uses ultrasonic energy for low cost, clean and efficient operation. Ultrasonic welding joins non-ferrous metal parts by applying the energy of high frequency
vibrations into the interface area between the parts to be welded.

The Ultraseam® 20 Metal Seam Welder consists of two components: the power supply system and the weld head. The power supply incorporates a 3,000 Watt, 20 kHz power supply and a DC motor speed control. The weld head is extremely rugged and features heavy duty tapered roller bearings.

AmTech recently introduced a new welding system to the Ultraseam® product offering, the Ultraseam® 20 Ultrasonic Solar Panel Seam Welder Turnkey System. This semiautomatic manufacturing system was specifically developed to address the needs of solar panel manufacturers. During production, parts to be welded are placed into a fixture aligning the parts with the welding tool. This fixture can accommodate copper
tubing and collector panels of varying sizes. Once the cycle is initiated, the Ultraseam® 20 welder moves downward onto the preassembled panel assembly where precise pressure and ultrasonic energy are applied. The configuration modules are customizable to a maximum of 3 meters, depending on material thickness and hardness.

"The Ultraseam® 20 Ultrasonic Solar Panel Seam Welder Turnkey System has revolutionized the production of solar panels", states Mike Davis, Lead Mechanical Engineer for AmTech. He continues, "The unique characteristics of ultrasonic welding make it ideal for the welding of solar panels."

Key Features:

o True metallurgical bonds provide excellent heat transfers
o True mechanical process - no electrical current passes through the work piece and no melting occurs.
o Ideal for welding similar or dissimilar electrical grade alloys and nonferrous metals of varying thickness.
o Lower cost per weld compared to other methods for metal joining.
o Superior tool life.
o Welding variables can be precisely monitored and controlled providing consistent results.
o Energy efficient
o Easy to set-up and operate.

AmTech provides detailed information and guidelines for optimal use about the Ultraseam® 20 Metal Seam Welder and the Ultraseam® 20 Ultrasonic Solar Panel Seam Welder Turnkey System for customers and interested persons.

About AmTech

Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, AmTech, a subsidiary of Branson Ultrasonics Corporation, is the leading worldwide manufacturer ultrasonic metal welding equipment. Branson was founded in 1946 and is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co., St. Louis, MO.

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