AMETEK Thermox® and Land Instruments Together Offer Broad Line of Combustion Efficiency and Emissions Monitors

PITTSBURH, PA -The product lines and resources of two industry leaders in combustion and environmental monitoring now are available from AMETEK Process & Analytical Instruments-AMETEK Thermox® and Land Instruments.

AMETEK Thermox offers the process industry's most extensive line of flue gas analyzers for measuring oxygen, combustibles, methane and fuel-rich atmospheres. Its WDG-IVC combined Oxygen and Combustibles analyzers, for example, are a superior alternative to in-situ probes, even in heavy particulate and high-temperature flue gas streams.

Based on a field-proven design pioneered by AMETEK, the WDG-IVC offers fast response, accuracy and ease of maintenance in a wide range of flue gas applications. The WDG-IVC features a hot-wire catalytic detector that displays reduced drift and increased sensitivity to low-level carbon monoxide (CO) changes, while resisting the poisoning effects of SO2.

Land Instruments, acquired by AMETEK in 2006, offers a comprehensive range of combustion efficiency and environmental monitoring instruments, including the FGA Series of flue gas analyzers. The FGA Series is a compact, extractive flue gas analyzer able to sample up to six pollutant gases (CO, NO NO2, SO2, O2 and CO2). Its dual sensor technology ensures stable long-term operation with high accuracy and very low drift. The FGA Series is engineered for ease of maintenance and packaged for an industrial environment, allowing for simple installation and trouble-free operation.

Along with its range of combustion efficiency monitors and stack gas emissions analyzers, Land offers dust, opacity and smoke monitors, including the Model 4500 Premier low-level continuous opacity and dust compliance monitor.

The Model 4500 Premier uses an advanced LED light source to reduce the effect of misalignment on the measured opacity, giving the instrument a 0 to 15 mg/m3 dust density capability. Together with its patented "Flood LED," the Model 4500 achieves the highest levels of stability and accuracy with no moving parts. The unit is fitted with a patented fully automatic zero checking and drift compensation system that confirms instrument calibration at user defined intervals.

Thermox also manufactures non-combustion analyzers, including trace oxygen and moisture analyzers, photometric analyzers, and Dycor quadrupole mass spectrometers. Both Thermox and Land Instrument products are fully supported by a global network of sales representatives and technical support. Both are units of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global producer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $1.8 billion.

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