AMETEK Process Instruments Announces Addition of The 888L to The Sulfur Recovery Analyzer Line

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (August 29, 2023) – AMETEK Process Instruments has introduced a new Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer, the 888L. The 888L is suitable for end users and end use locations that require the analyzer electronics and user interface to be located away from the sampling location. Using smart diagnostics, customers can communicate and react to process trends and problems from a location remote from the sample point.

"AMETEK Sulfur Recovery analyzers have long been the first choice of users that understand the importance of accurate and continuous analytical measurements in their Sulfur Recovery Units.” said Michael Gaura, Sr. Product Manager. “Like the 888 analyzer the 888L is certified to meet ATEX and IECEx standards for Zone 1, as well as NRTL Class I Division 2 hazardous locations.”

The 888L takes advantage of the proven measurement technology, operational hardware and comprehensive diagnostic software existing in the AMETEK 888 Air Demand Analyzer to provide reliable performance, with minimal downtime. Like the ‘top-of-pipe’ 888, the 888L can be installed in a wide range of ambient conditions and temperatures of +60°C or +140°F. If mounting an analyzer at the sample point is restricted due to physical limitations, or if the decision is to mount the user interface and analytical hardware in a protected enclosure, the 888L’s demister probe can be installed at the sample point allowing heated sample lines to transport the process sample gas to measurement cell.

For over 40 years, AMETEK Process Instruments has served the hydrocarbon processing industry with a commitment to designing innovative, reliable analyzers that meet the highest safety standard and help achieve improved levels of productivity and process gas quality. The company is recognized worldwide for analyzer reliability and accuracy, supported by exceptional service.

For more information about the new 888L Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer, visit the AMETEK Process Instruments website:

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AMETEK Process Instruments is a leading provider of process gas analyzers used worldwide by markets ranging from oil, gas, and power to pharmaceutical and semiconductor chip manufacturing.

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