Ametek Power Receives OEM Approval from GE for 372A2221 Exhaust Gas Thermocouples for Frame Turbines

ROCHESTER, NY – AMETEK Power Instruments recently completed OEM qualification for its 372A2221 Pxxx Type K thermocouples used on General Electric’s heavy-duty gas turbines. The design of these exhaust gas thermocouples utilizes a specialized quick disconnect that reduces replacement time from hours to minutes along with a hermetic seal of the probe that allows complete submersion during wash down.

The 372A2221 Pxxx thermocouple joins a suite of OEM-qualified products that AMETEK produces for GE and other turbine engine manufacturers for heavy-duty frame and aero-derivative gas turbines. GE-qualified products for these applications include exhaust gas thermocouples, wheelspace thermocouples, compressor discharge probes, radiation shields, accelerometers, pressure probes, cables, harnesses and pressure transmitters.

“We are very pleased with our continuing supplier partnership with and support from GE,” states Brian Hoffmann, Division Vice President and Business Unit Manager for AMETEK Power Instruments. “AMETEK considers it a privilege to be a key supplier to GE for these critical applications and to participate in important cost-saving projects.”

AMETEK has been an approved OEM supplier of sensors for GE gas turbines since 1989.

About AMETEK Power Instruments

AMETEK Power Instruments’ turbine engine sensors and instruments are found on nearly every major turbine generator in the world. In addition, to its gas turbine thermocouple product lines, AMETEK Power Instruments designs and manufactures a number of other high-value, power-related products for the utility and industrial markets worldwide, including power monitoring equipment, power quality instruments, power transducers and meters, utility protective relaying communication equipment, event and transient records, annunciators and alarm monitors, nuclear and industrial certified pressure transducers and gas turbine flame sensors. All are ISO 900-2008 certified.

AMETEK Power Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of $4.2 billion. For more information, contact AMETEK Power Instruments, 255 North Union Street, Rochester New York 14605 Web site:


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