Ametek Introduces Three Products for Oil and Gas Industry

Portable chromatograph, subsea flow meter and shear history simulator

Units of AMETEK, Inc. have introduced three new products for the oil and gas industry:

Model 292B Natural Gas Chromatograph from AMETEK Process Instruments ( is designed as a truly portable analyzer to determine the energy (BTU) content of natural gas. It features a fully integrated sample handling system, rugged gas chromatograph (GC) module and enhanced data processing and handling capabilities, including a state-of-the-art LCD color display and user interface. AMETEK Process Instruments is a leader in on-line analytical instrumentation offering an extensive line of analyzers based upon eleven differentiated technology platforms.

Model 5600 Shear History Simulator from Chandler Engineering ( greatly simplifies the process of preparing and loading water-based fracturing fluids into rotational viscometers for testing. These laboratory tools help determine how well fracturing fluids perform in transporting proppants used in oil and gas well development. Chandler Engineering focuses on upstream oil and gas markets and is a leader in oil well cementing, viscosity, reservoir analysis and high-pressure high-temperature instruments.

Seastream FloCalculator Subsea Flow Meter from Solartron ISA ( provides an integrated flow metering solution that eliminates the need to manually enter complex flow algorithms into a Master Control System. The calculator is built into the flow meter and accurately measures differential pressure (DP), pressure (P) and temperature (T). The mass flow, actual volumetric and standard volumetric flow rates are provided along with standard process variable outputs. Solartron ISA is among the pioneers of wet gas and subsea flow measurement, including deepwater and ultra-deep water applications.

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading diversified manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than US$3.0 billion.

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Product Sales Contact:

Model 292B Chromatograph

Mike Fuller

AMETEK Process Instruments

Tel +1-412-826-2478


Model 5600 Shear History Simulator

Jim Davison

AMETEK Oil & Gas

Tel +1-918-459-7177


Seastream FloCalculator

Alan Downing

AMETEK Solartron ISA

Tel +44-1388-771-143


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