AM/FM Receiver IC brings digital capability to analog radios.

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Model Si4830 offers full AM/FM radio from antenna input to audio output. Compact design, which requires 12 surface-mount components in 20 mm2 single-side board area, allows for AM/FM functionality in various radio products. Unit eliminates need for external MCUs, AM/FM filters, and tuning inductors. Supporting European EN55020 compliance, CMOS wheel-tuned AM/FM radio receiver IC provides accurate tuning for FM bands from 64-108 MHz and AM bands from 520-1,710 kHz.

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Silicon Labs Si4830 AM/FM Receiver Brings Digital Performance to Analog Radios

Highly Integrated Receiver IC Reduces Radio Design and Manufacturing Cost

SHENZHEN, China - Silicon Laboratories Inc. (NASDAQ: SLAB), a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, is bringing the benefits of digital performance and integration to mechanically tuned analog radios with the introduction of the Si4830 AM/FM receiver. Silicon Labs' new Si4830 AM/FM receiver IC reduces product design time and system cost and streamlines manufacturing for a wide range of radio products such as portable radios, boom boxes, clock and lamp radios, toy radios and give-away radios.

The Si4830 is the industry's first CMOS wheel-tuned AM/FM radio receiver IC, offering a full AM/FM radio from antenna input to audio output in a single small chip. Its high level of integration reduces the existing solution component count by more than 80 percent. Using the Si4830 eliminates the need for external microcontrollers, AM/FM filters, tuning inductors and other components, significantly reducing material and labor costs. Developers need only add an antenna, mechanical-tuning and off/on volume wheels, amplification and two AAA batteries, and the Si4830 receiver becomes the platform for a low-cost radio design.

The Si4830 AM/FM receiver targets radio manufacturers worldwide, especially those based in China. The world's manufacturing center for AM/FM radios using traditional analog technology, China still produces more than 100 million analog radio units per year for worldwide shipment. These analog-intensive radio designs typically require dozens of discrete components and undergo significant rework and manual tuning during manufacturing and assembly. The Si4830 requires only twelve surface-mount components within a compact, 20 mm-squared single-side board area. This small design and simple board configuration further reduce cost and enable AM/FM functionality to be propagated into even more end products.

"Many manufacturers of mechanically tuned AM/FM radios have had no alternative to the labor-intensive, discrete method of building and manufacturing low-cost radios," said Dave Bresemann, vice president of Silicon Labs' broadcast products. "Our mixed-signal Si4830 receiver makes cutting-edge digital radio technology available to the analog, mechanically tuned radio market, creating new opportunities for customers to reduce manufacturing cost and add AM/FM radio functionality to a variety of consumer electronics products."

The Si4830 supports European EN55020 compliance and delivers simple, accurate and reliable tuning for worldwide FM bands from 64-108 MHz and AM bands from 520-1710 kHz.

Pricing and Availability

The Si4830 AM/FM receiver is available today and priced at $2.10 (USD) in 10K quantities in a 24-pin SSOP package. The Si4830-DEMO demonstration kit, designed to speed product evaluation and development, is available for a suggested retail price of $50.00 (USD). For additional product information and to purchase samples and development tools, please visit

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