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Aluminum Filler Metals suit wrought commercial applications.

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Aluminum Filler Metals suit wrought commercial applications.

Dec 18, 2012 - Registered by Aluminum Association and classified by AWS for wrought commercial applications, MAXAL 4943 offers corrosion resistance and low hot cracking sensitivity. Product does not depend upon dilution from base metal during welding to increase strength of weld deposit. Available in diameters ranging from .030–1/16 in., MAXAL 4943 MIG wire offers precisely controlled wire diameter, cast, and helix. TIG cut-lengths are available in 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, and 3/16 in. dia.

MAXAL International, Inc - Traverse City, MI

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MAXAL Introduces Patent-Pending 4943 Aluminum Filler Metals, the First in the Industry Approved for Wrought Commercial Applications in Over 40 Years

Press release date: Dec 12, 2012

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – MAXAL has introduced new patent-pending 4943 aluminum MIG wire and TIG cut-lengths, the first aluminum filler metal to be developed, registered by the Aluminum Association and classified by the American Welding Society (AWS) for wrought commercial applications in over 40 years. MAXAL developed the new product in response to industry demands for a higher-strength aluminum welding solution that also offers the advantages of using a 4043 aluminum filler metal, including excellent corrosion resistance, ease of welding and low hot cracking sensitivity. It is also suitable for elevated temperature applications, and provides the ability to reduce weld size without compromising strength.

MAXAL 4943 filler metal features an AWS A5.10 classification, in addition to a filler metal material group allocation of F23 from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  Due to its ASME F-number allocation, users may be able to weld with MAXAL 4943 aluminum filler metal using the same welding procedure as 4043 products.

MAXAL tests have shown up to 40 percent increase in yield strength and up to 20 percent increase in ultimate tensile strength with this product compared to 4043 aluminum products, as well as an increase of approximately 20 percent in shear strength. The filler metal can be used, with advantage, as a direct replacement for 4643 filler metal in post-weld heat treatment applications. Unlike 4043 products, 4943 filler metal does not depend upon dilution from the base metal during welding to increase the strength of the weld deposit.  4943 filler metal can be used for welding 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx with less than 2.5%Mg, and 6xxx series base metals.

MAXAL 4943 MIG wire offers precisely controlled wire diameter, cast and helix, high column strength and a surface condition that optimizes feedability. The spooled products are available in diameters ranging from .030 to 1/16 inches. TIG cut-lengths also offer excellent weldability and are available in 1/16-, 3/32-, 1/8-, 5/32- and 3/16- inch diameters.

Both products are ideal for welding automotive and motorcycle frames, wheels, furniture, ladders and frames, ship decks, pleasure boats, bicycles, and aerospace applications, as well as for A356.0 casting repairs.

MAXAL 4943 aluminum filler metal exhibits low smut and discoloration, similar to 4043 aluminum products, and offers low shrinkage rates and high weld pool fluidity. It also features high-strength characteristics in the post-weld thermally treated condition, when compared to 4043 and 4643 filler metals.

MAXAL is a state-of-the-art aluminum welding electrode manufacturing company based in Traverse City, Michigan.  MAXAL is owned by Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Based in Glenview, Ill., ITW is a multinational manufacturer of a diversified range of value-adding and short-lead-time industrial products and equipment.

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