Alternatives to Pick-to-Ticket

The Pick-to-Ticket process has become an antiquated approach to fulfillment. The process is very inefficient and is generally comprised of printing out a picking ticket, taking the ticket and working through the warehouse to find the product. There is no automation involved and the operator must manually enter data. The confirmation of the pick is also realized at a later time.

The inefficiencies of this approach are all over the board, from very high labor costs, duplication of efforts, stress on employees, relieving of inventory is not in real time, etc. etc.

There are several semi-automated alternative approaches to Pick-to-Ticket that may be utilized to address the inefficiencies.

o RF Picking (Radio Frequency Scanner - The scanner interface directs the picking process by indicating the location, the item to be picked, and the quantity to place in the order. The scanner can then acknowledge the pick to the WMS where the item quantity can be decremented from the inventory in real time.

o Pick-To-Light - The operators are picking to the order in a picking zone. Within that zone, they are directed to pick certain items and required quantities by the pick lights located adjacent to the desired items.

o Pick-By-Voice or Voice Picking - Operates in the same manner as Pick-To-Light with the exception of the operator being directed by the voice controller.
All of the above can be paired with a Pick-To-Tote arrangement to further develop efficiencies within your fulfillment system. Pick-To-Tote is where the order totes or cartons are conveyed to the picker and are filled with the required items to complete the order. Less movement, more picking.

At SI Systems, our approach is to learn your processes and gather the data required to analyze your business. This allows us to offer our perspective to the most effective and efficient fulfillment system for you.

To determine the best solution we analyze:

o The velocity of the products

o The size of the products

o The required inventory of products

o The order profile

o The throughput of orders to determine the high, medium and low movers

o The accuracy of the picking/shipping process

From this analysis we can determine the most efficient picking method, and the most cost effective system.

Solution Examples:

o Semi-Automated Picking: RF Scanner, Pick-To-Light, Pick-To-Voice

o Semi-Automated Product-To-Person Picking: Carousels, ASRS, Shuttles

o Automated Picking: Mighty MAC(TM) Mobile Dispensing, Dispen-SI-matic(TM) A-Frame

SI can supply a full range of fulfillment technologies to address your requirements. With you and SI Systems working together, we can increase your throughput and generate cost savings throughout the entire order process.

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