Alpha Display Introduces Durable Special Displays for Trains and Vessels

LITTLE FERRY, N.J., Oct. 14 - Alpha Display, an emerging leader in special LCD display in Korea, announced today that they will introduce the most durable and versatile LCD displays for trains, buses and vessels in the market.

"We are proud to offer these special displays to customers," says Harry Rhim, CEO of SYNET USA, the distributor of Alpha Display in the States. "The monitors offer wide viewing angle, high brightness, and high durability making them winner!"

With high durability, high brightness and dust proof casing, Alpha Display's products are installed in certain designated places that require special structural modifications such as trains, buses, gaming machines and vessels. They have accumulated their own technologies through years of experience and are now offering these special monitors in Asia, Europe and now America.

Five types of Alpha Displays with different functions are being offered. The first is Smart LCD monitors which have flat panel monitors with an integrated AD board and an inverter. Second type is General LCD monitor with RGB, DVI, HDMI and Video inputs. Custom HW/SW configuration is also available. Third type is Sunlight Readable LCDs which are suitable GUI monitor for outdoor. They are equipped with automatic scanning and image adjustment function. Fourth one is the Industrial Grade Touch screen LCDs. They are enclosed by aluminum, plastic, rack or metal front panel. Last but not least, Multi-media LCDs have support for various video and audio formats including MPEG-1 & 2 video (DVD), MPEG4 (SP, ASP), MPEG, JPEG, MP3 and WMA. With these different types of LCD displays, Alpha Display is targeting the industries that require special LCDs.

The Alpha display is distributed by SYNET, located in Little Ferry, New Jersey. They are introducing their products for the first time at IT Channel USA Conference 2010 held in Fort Lee, NJ on October 11-13, 2010, organized by SYNET and sponsored by Korea IT Research Institute (KITRI).


SYNET is a New Jersey-based professional sales and marketing firm focused on establishing and promoting strategic partnerships between the North American Market and prospective Korean IT companies, and providing them with the fastest gateway to successfully penetrate the North American market.

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