All-Metal Filters handle low vapor pressure gases.

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Featuring all-metal 316LSS construction that can be heated to 450°C, FLP Series is suited for filtering low pressure, vapor phase dopants used in metal-organic vapor phase epitaxyor, advanced chemical vapor deposition, and atomic layer deposition applications. Open filter media enables passage of low pressure liquid source gas while having enough surface area to remove particles down to 0.003 µm, and is effective at preventing large particle agglomerations from migrating downstream.

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FLP Series All-Metal Filters for MOVPE, Advanced CVD, and ALD Applications

FARMINGTON, CT – With the demand for new low-k dielectric materials increasing as semiconductor line widths approach the 22 nm node, the challenge of filtering these low pressure, vapor phase dopants is now more critical.  Mott Corporation has developed an all metal filter for filtration of low vapor pressure, high temperature gases generated in a direct liquid injection system, where the process utilizes a vaporization chamber.  This filter, called the FLP Series, is ideal for filtering vapor phase low pressure dopants or organometallic precursor vapors such as TEMAZ, ZyALD™, PDMAT, TEOS, TiCl4, TEPO, TEB, POCl, Z4MS, Ztomcats, Trans-LC, TMB and others.

The FLP Series is perfect for filtering dopants used in metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) or Advanced CVD(chemical vapor deposition) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) applications. With its exceptionally low pressure drop and all metal construction, which can be heated to 450°C, the FLP Series provides protection against particle contamination in these extremely challenging conditions for pressure sensitive gas vapor systems. 

The extremely open filter media allows for easy passage of the low pressure liquid source gas while having enough surface area to efficiently remove particles down to 0.003µm and is especially effective at preventing large particle agglomerations from migrating downstream.  These filters are all-metal and constructed from 316LSS.  This allows them to withstand the higher temperatures needed to keep the low pressure gases and organometallics in vapor phase.

The FLP Series currently consists of three (3) standard configurations that make it easy to match to any existing heat jacketed filter installations.

As the leading worldwide manufacturer of quality all-metal gas filtration and flow control products for the semiconductor industry, Mott offers the most complete range of all-metal filter products available in the market today.  From large bulk gas filter systems capable of handling the highest flow rates, down to sub-liter per minute flow devices, these products come with the best warranty in the industry.  Mott also offers Class 100 and Class 10,000 manufacturing environments, with DI Water Cleaning, and CleanRoom Packaging services.

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