All Kydex Grades Available at Emco Plastics

CEDAR GROVE, NJ – Emco Plastics is the largest independent stocking distributor in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area. With a 50,000 square foot warehouse, we stock a wide array of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, and profiles. One of the more popular items we stock is Kydex®.

Kydex® is manufactured from an acrylic/PVC alloy that has some very unique characteristics. It's tough, nonporous, noncorrosive, chemical resistant, fire retardant, and thermoformable. Kydex® sheet has very good abrasion resistance and virtually no moisture absorption.

Material is normally 48" x 96" and thicknesses run from .028" to .500" thick. Roll stock is available in thinner grades and there are several different surface patterns available.

Kydex® sheet complies with Underwriter's Laboratory, CSA, Building Code and/or FAA flammability requirements. Because of the high impact resistance of Kydex® sheet, it has a longer in service life and is very durable. The rigidity allows for a better feel and/or the ability to down gauge. Its superior chemical resistance allows it to be used in harsh, chemically rich environments. It also makes Kydex® sheet extremely cleanable because harsh cleaners do not damage the texture or the color of the material. Kydex® sheet has excellent forming properties that result in uniform wall thicknesses and crisp detail.

Please visit our website at to see all of the grades and textures that are available. For more information please call our sales team at 800-292-9906.

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