All-Electric System produces void-fill bags at high speed.

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Suited for high-volume packaging operations, Fill-Air® 2000 creates 8 in. bags at 100/min and 4 in. bags at 200/min. It accommodates material-roll widths of 8, 10, or 12 in., and with touch of button operators can adjust bag length to 4 or 8 in. Cushion sizes can be changed mid-production without changing film roll. Designed for on-line applications, system integrates into packaging line and includes auto-replenishment sensor to ensure inflated bags are readily available.

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Sealed Air's All-Electric Fill-Air 2000 System Produces Void Fill Bags At High-Speed Rate

The Fast, User-Friendly System Designed To Be On-Line, All The Time

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. (Oct. 30, 2006) - The Fill-Air® 2000 system from Sealed Air Corporation is the fastest, all-electric inflatable void fill packaging solution on the market. The Fill-Air® 2000 system increases packaging speed by creating 8-inch bags at a rate of 100 per minute and 4-inch bags at 200 per minute. The high rate of production creates air pillows on demand - making the system ideal for companies with a high volume packaging operation.

Using proprietary film, the Fill-Air® 2000 system creates inflatable bags in six different sizes. The system accommodates material-roll widths of 8 inches, 10 inches or 12 inches, and with the touch of a button operators can adjust the bag length to be 4 inches or 8 inches. Sealed Air's landscape bag sizes, such as the 4-inches long by 12-inches wide bag, fill small voids more efficiently.

The user-friendly control pad allows operators to select the ideal bag size for any void fill application. Cushion sizes can be changed mid-production without changing the film roll, saving time and warehouse space.

Designed for on-line applications, the Fill-Air® 2000 system is easy to integrate into a packaging line. The system has an auto-replenishment sensor which ensures that inflated bags are readily available, and the optional material stand enables the operator to position the material directly above the cartons to be packed.

In addition, a Fill-Air 2000® system can support multiple packaging stations or
several packaging lines. The inflated bags can be collected in bins and dispensed to packaging stations or distributed through an overhead delivery system. Since inflated bags can be created on-demand and on-line, operators require less storage of materials or inflated bags to keep up with production.

The Fill-Air 2000® system is all-electric and does not require shop air. It takes up minimal floor space, measuring 30 1/2-inches wide by 36 1/2-inches deep by 66 1/2-inches tall. The system has specially designed components for easy installation of replacement parts and is easy-to-service with commonly used spare parts that store in the hood of the system.

For more information about the Fill-Air® 2000 system, call 1-800-648-9093 or visit

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