Aleco® Announces the Launch of the Totally New Visi-Guard and Improved Scratch-Guard® Strip Door Material

Visi-Guard by Aleco® is a unique and revolutionary design in strip door material. Visi-Guard has been engineered for scratch resistance based on a ribbed design leading to significantly improved and prolonged visibility. The raised area reduces contact with equipment and personnel, minimizing scratches and prolonging visibility. This alternative to smooth stripping delivers true Aleco® quality, performance and durability.

With the new Aleco® Scratch-Guard® design, we've set a new standard in product performance, with three very significant changes. First, outer ribs are optimally placed closer to the edges to prevent wrinkling and rippling. Secondly, the unique rib design forms a "V" shape, creating an interlocking seal between strips. Finally, the additional spacing between ribs maximizes visibility.

Aleco® is a division of ES Robbins Corporation, an industry leader in polymer and plastics manufacturing. ES Robbins has been making products that make life easier and safer for thousands of customers for over forty years. Aleco®, one of the largest manufacturers in the United States of impact doors, PVC strip doors, pan rack covers, and air curtains, provides solutions for light to heavy duty industrial, commercial and institutional applications as well as the food service industry.

Contact Information:

Aleco by ES Robbins Corporation

2720 E Avalon Avenue

Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

Phone: 256-248-2402

Toll Free: 1-800-633-3120



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