Alden and Rennasonic Team to Offer Turbine Performance Measurement

Fluid flow and environmental consulting company, Alden will join hydroturbine performance measuring expert Rennasonic to offer services to a full range of sites and facilities.

Holden, MA, USA March 12, 2010- In order to address turbine performance measurement needs for sites and facilities with short penstocks and other complicating factors, Rennasonic has teamed with Alden.

The use of the dye dilution method to measure flow through a turbine (and thereby the available power resource) can be inaccurate for short penstocks or other complicating factors that reduce dye mixing. In these cases, a grid of current velocity meters may be necessary in order to evaluate or to supplement flow measurement. By teaming with Alden, Rennasonic may now tap their renowned expertise and equipment to address these challenges.

"Alden has been known for their flow measurement knowledge for 115 years," said James Walsh, President of Rennasonic. "I've been working with them on calibration needs, and this is a natural extension of our relationship. We will have the capability to test using a variety of methods and can expand on environmental performance testing of turbines using Alden's expertise. "

Alden President Stuart Cain remarked, "Rennasonic's experience in optimization of turbine operations and field measurement is a valuable asset to have in our toolbox. We're excited about what we can do together to help the hydropower industry."
( is an acclaimed leader in solving flow-related engineering and environmental problems. The firm has 80 employees and over 150,000 sq feet of indoor lab space on a 32 acre campus. Alden provides engineering, physical and computational flow modeling along with environmental and flow meter calibration services.

Rennasonic ( offers turbine testing, power plant optimization services for hydro-power plants.


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