Albis Technologies Powers Protection with Active RFID for Museums in Real Time

Zürich, Switzerland- Growing numbers of museums and art galleries are enhancing the power of active RFID-based object security from Albis Technologies, a leading international manufacturer and developer of innovative electronic products and solutions, to protect their valuable works of art.

Drawing on Albis Technologies' Zone Monitoring & Find (ZOMOFI®) Division's expertise in developing active RFID solutions to suit the specific applications and environments in which they are employed, museums across Europe are extending and improving their surveillance and anti-theft systems with revolutionary active RFID-based solutions from ZOMOFI® for permanent, cable-free surveillance and condition monitoring in real time of each and every single piece of art.

ZOMOFI® wireless products are already securing works of art in major museums in France, Sweden and Germany, who are seeing significant benefits from their decision to move to active RFID. Condition monitoring is the overarching protective principle and includes physical security, motion detection, intrusion security and even the monitoring of atmospheric conditions, where items of value are subject to strict temperature or humidity controls.

As the ZOMOFI® system allows for individual monitoring of each object or display, every adverse action triggers an alert through active RFID technology. This is the key to not only ensure valuable objects are protected against criminal activity, but also that their longevity is assured through crucial monitoring of temperature, humidity or sudden movement. It also means paintings, sculptures, tapestries or valuable manuscripts exhibited in museums and galleries, remain in pristine condition at all times - whether they are on permanent display or part of a temporary exhibition.

"This concept of wirelessly monitoring each art object and permanently confirming that all is in order offers far more security at a better price than traditional surveillance systems," says Zeno Stämmer, Vice President of Albis Technologies and Head of the company's RFID division.

Products within the ZOMOFI® stable for museum security include the 'best-in-class' Z-Tag Motion Plus S3135-K631 & S3135-K633. This newest transponder has been specifically designed for securing valuable objects and allows for fine adjustments for sensitivity to shock or angle. The 2.45 GHz Active Tag supports high scale integration and drives efficient and long-life performance. The unique battery life is achieved without sacrificing the reading and writing range. A read and write range of 160m and more, is achieved with the ZOMOFI® Controller, which manages the configuration of the transmission mode. In addition, an anti-collision mechanism allows for a thousand tags to be simultaneously present in the range of one single controller.

Other award winning transponders in the ZOMOFI® range are the Z-tag motion detection S3135-K530, the Z-Tag Contact Sensor S3135-K560 and the Z-Controller WiFi/LAN S3135-H200 reader, as well as a range of other sensors for temperature and humidity measurement. There is also a variety of reader antennas for ceiling, corner and circular surveillance and monitoring available.

Installation and integration of the ZOMOFI® solution with existing systems is simple and effective. There is minimum installation time and no cabling, which makes the solution particularly appropriate for paintings and individual works of art. Flexibility is another key feature allowing easy re-ordering of displays for alternating exhibitions or temporary displays. Incidents or alarm signals transmitted from the active RFID system can be forwarded to, or integrated into, any existing intrusion/theft alarm reporting system, using ZOMOFI®'s Edgeware software package.

Apart from securing artworks public areas against potential theft, damage or vandalism, Albis' ZOMOFI® solution can monitor conditions anytime anywhere, allowing continuous automatic inventory throughout an entire museum, including archives, restoration rooms, storage facilities, entrances, exits and prohibited areas. Additional functionalities bring museum owners and operators the flexibility to extend surveillance beyond just protection and allow them to enhance their business performance through the provision of active RFID based information guides and the tracking of people streams to optimize and manage exhibition viewing for the benefit of individual visitors and groups.

About Albis

Albis Technologies is a leading international manufacturer and developer of innovative electronic products, systems and solutions serving business and industry, leisure, retail, transportation, healthcare, security, and telecommunications markets worldwide. The Zone Monitoring & Find Division (ZOMOFI(TM)) focuses on the integration of active RFID (radio frequency identification) tags, components and solutions for a range of specialist applications for secure and efficient track and trace and access systems in all industry sectors. In particular, these applications include asset management, condition monitoring, people safety and high-speed tracing. The company's high-tech capability resources, which support its cornerstone philosophy of customer innovation and service, include a Research & Development center in Zürich, as well as partner production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Romania and China. For more information see: http://www.

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