Alaska Places Large Order for ADR Plus Counters

Solar Powered Units for the Alaska Department of Transportation

PALMETTO, FL - July 31, 2009 - Two separate regions of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities have each decided to make large purchases of ADR-1000 Plus portable traffic counter/classifier units and ADR-2000 Plus portable traffic counter/classifier units. The Fairbanks and Anchorage offices of the Alaska DOT ordered most of their ADR Plus units with the solar lid powering option and will be used with the standard loop and road tube sensor inputs that come with all ADR-1000 Plus and ADR-2000 Plus units. Some units were also purchased with piezo sensor modules to add the ability to weigh vehicles on the roadway. Some additional loop sensor modules for the ADRs were also ordered, as well as Peek LPM-33E field hardened low power modems, also for use with these ADR Plus units. Altogether, nearly 150 ADR units will be shipped to the state of Alaska as part of these orders.

The ADR Plus line of traffic counters and classifiers are the industry standard for field-hardened, reliable, and easily-adapted traffic counters. The ADR-1000 Plus and ADR-2000 Plus are the portable versions of the ADR Plus line, each including a long-lived battery power supply, standard vehicle detection sensor inputs, and keypads and displays used to program the units for a large variety of traffic counting and classification studies. The ADRs can also accept additional sensor and data storage modules to expand their on-site study capabilities.

This order for ADR-1000 and 2000 units and support equipment has already begun shipping. The remainder of the order will be completed in the next several weeks.

Peek Traffic Corporation has a rich history dating back to the beginnings of traffic control equipment. The first production traffic signals, the first weigh-in-motion sensors, and the first menu driven traffic controllers are all part of the Peek Traffic heritage. Today, Peek Traffic is one of the most trusted and widely recognized providers of traffic control hardware and software, data and classification hardware, tolling equipment, cabinets and cabinet UPS systems, and vehicle detection equipment in the world. Developments in laser detection systems, advanced video algorithms, advanced traffic controllers, and feature-rich, standardsbased software systems, make Peek Traffic Corporation a driving force in Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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