AirLoc Wedgmount Levelers and Damping Pads Provide the Precision Positioning and Vibration Isolation Required for Delicate Kayex Crystal Growing Equipment!

Kayex develops and manufactures crystal growing equipment for the semiconductor and
photovoltaic materials industry. These high-temperature, vacuum furnaces are used to
grow single crystal silicone ingots. The ingots are then sliced into wafers that are used as
the substrate for either computer chips or high efficiency solar cells. This is a process
which obviously requires precision and reduced vibration levels to insure high yields from
the equipment.

AirLoc 202 and 204 VRC/4 Bolt-on Wedgmounts were selected for this demanding
application due to their precision leveling capability and vibration isolation provided by the
resilient, multi-layered composite pads. The integral, bolt-on mounting studs allow the
Wedgmount to be securely fastened to the equipment. This saves time when the
equipment is lifted onto the shipping skid, and then into the customer facility.

AirLoc Wedgmounts can handle delicate applications, such as the Kayex equipment
described above, or rugged forging presses, where shock and vibration levels are severe. Our wide selection of levelers and pad material provides the desired solution.

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