AirLoc Damping Pads Provide A Major Improvement In Reducing Transmitted Vibration From AIRAM Presses!

Airam Press Co. LTD. was founded in 1965 to produce the Airam line of pneumatic
presses with a unique air tube mechanism for the stamping, blanking, roll forming and die cutting industries. John Bornhorst, PE and V.P. of Engineering at AIRAM says that the main complaint from their customers was the problem of the press energy being
transmitted to the floor with vibration being felt through the plant. He reports that "Mounts under the machine between the floor and the press stand do an excellent job but can only absorb a certain amount of the energy.

We decided to sandwich the energy absorption material (AirLoc 727 Damping Pad) between the press bed and the press stand." The picture below shows the placement of the AirLoc pads in a typical AIRAM press. After installing the AirLoc pad as shown, John reports that "When tested, a 100 ton press at 20 tons and increased to 100 tons, had very little increase of vibration to the floor. The machine operator could not tell if the press was at 20 or 100 tons standing next to the press. From test results, it is 10 to 50 times reduction of energy transmitted to the floor. After John "Tested many different energy absorption materials under the same conditions,and the AirLoc 727 Pad gave the best results."

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