AirLoc Biloc® Isolation Pads Tame Vibration from a Large Power Plant Motor/Fan!

AirLoc was asked to provide a pad isolation system for an installation where a lube oil pump unit was already installed and modifications had to be minimized. Severe vibration inputs were being generated by a large motor driven cooling fan mounted on the same foundation as the lube oil pump in a new power plant facility. Timing was critical and the customer requested that the pads be low profile and easily installed without removing the pump or anchoring bolts.

AirLoc designed 3" x 12" x ¾" B1 BiLoc pad strips (see inserts) with shim pad bonded top and bottom, isolation washer and a slot on the ends for easy slip-in installation. B1 pad was selected to insure low frequency isolation of the fan blade disturbance. The isolation pad system was designed, fabricated and shipped within a matter of several days, as required by the customer. After installation under the oil pump, it was reported that the transmitted vibration was no longer detectable. Several other systems were ordered and an electrical control panel was also isolated in a similar fashion with favorable results being reported.

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