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AirLoc ®Wedgmounts used to support Americolor Printing Press Tower

AirLoc 11-VRC Wedgmount compact precision levelers with 903 pads were selected by Hall Contracting Services, Inc. for a new installation at the Bloomington Herald Times in Ohio. Four Wedgmounts support a 50 ton Americolor printing tower manufactured by Dauphin Graphic Machines, Inc. of Elizabethville, PA. Hall Contracting Services selected the AirLoc Wedgmounts for their ease of installation, precision leveling, and non-skid leveling pads.

AirLoc VRC-Compact levelers have a number of built-in advantages, including:
o Adjustment under full load to 1/1000 inch
o Longitudinal and lateral stability due to concentric locking of elements
o Space-saving, low profile design from high strength cast iron
o Large selection of resilient pads for vibration and noise isolation, damping, or
precision leveling
o A variety of attachment features, including freestanding, bolt-on, and bolt
through, with positioning rings and spacers.

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