AirLoc ®Wedgmount Precision Levelers Save Days on Steam Turbine-Generator Install

Recently, Mr. Ross Hill, P.E., Project Manager for ESI of Tennessee approached AirLoc for assistance on an installation technique that could reduce or eliminate the grouting on a 5 MW, skid mounted, steam, turbine/gearbox generator.

The "standard" approach of grouting with a cementitious grout would take the better part of a day to construct forms, then a day to pre-soak the concrete, a day to mix and place the grout and finally, up to 3 days to keep damp for proper curing. An epoxy grout would still add thousands of dollars cost over the installation of AirLoc Wedgmounts. With the AirLoc Wedgmount, complete with vibration damping pad for the base and spherical ring seat to compensate for non parallel equipment base to floor, the total set-up time from initial placement to final level took under three hours! This may be the first turbine/generator of this size to be supported on the AirLoc Wedgmounts but it won't be the last!

For equipment of similar size where point elevations are acceptable to be within ±.002", the AirLoc Wedgmount/pad approach can be a real time and money saver.

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