AIRIS Demonstrates Cutting-Edge Dust Collection Tools

SPRING, Texas, Nov. 18, 2016 - Breakthrough technology to safeguard the health of frac site workers was unveiled this week by AIRIS Wellsite Services. Hundreds were invited to a demonstration of both the patented ADV-4 AIRIS Dust Vacuum and AIRIS' new personal decontamination unit.

"Pictures and videos don't do justice to our equipment," says Grant Goetz, Executive Sales for AIRIS Wellsite Services. "You can't get a good visual until you're watching with your own two eyes. Then you see clearly it does exactly what we say it will do."

Both products are part of AIRIS' total dust control solution as it partners with E&P companies and pressure pumpers to help them achieve OSHA compliance. OSHA has recently passed new, stricter limits on respirable silica exposure at frac sites.

Respirable silica dust is generated wherever sand is transferred at the frac site. Breathing silica dust can have devastating long-term effects - like silicosis, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer - and leave companies open to the possibility of medical and legal liabilities. Independent testing has proven AIRIS' equipment is capable of meeting and exceeding OSHA's new exposure standards.

The ADV-4 is a universal, non-disruptive dust collection system that integrates seamlessly with wellsite equipment to collect respirable silica dust generated by the transfer of sand during wellsite completion. The personal decontamination unit was introduced to address yet another exposure source of respirable silica: workers' clothes.

"This is a danger even after workers have left the job site," adds Goetz. "Nobody really thinks about how they're taking this dust home with them. It gets in their vehicles and blows through their vents. They can even expose their families to respirable silica if they're around their dusty clothes. Our PDU addresses a key element for OSHA compliance: housekeeping."

Field trials on the decontamination unit are underway, and AIRIS expects it will be ready to be deployed at wellsites across the country by early 2017.

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Founded in 2012, AIRIS Wellsite Services is a third-party provider of total silica dust control solutions. AIRIS provides these services through the operation of a fleet of high-efficiency particulate HEPA vacuum units. AIRIS has offices in Houston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and operates primarily in the Rocky Mountains, Mid-Continent, Northeast and Texas regions.


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