Air Sampling Smoke Detector protects small, critical areas.

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VESDA LaserFOCUS(TM) features SonicFlow(TM) ultrasonic flow sensing, circular display, and pre-engineered piping options. It provides tolerance to contamination, immunity to temperature changes and altitude, and absolute flow measurement in lpm. Dual-stage filter and clean air bleed-in help prevent contamination by dust and other air borne contaminants. Illuminated dial, LEDs, and related icons provide identification of smoke growth and alarm conditions.

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Delivering Air Sampling Smoke Detection to Smaller Areas

(June 2004) Norwell, Massachusetts: Vision Fire & Security is pleased to announce the release of VESDA LaserFOCUS(TM), a cost-effective, very early warning smoke detection system designed to protect small critical areas. The new air sampling smoke detector offers SonicFlow(TM) (ultrasonic flow sensing), a unique circular display, pre-engineered piping options, and ease of installation and maintenance. It is the most recent addition to the extensive VESDA line of smoke detection products, and is Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed for UL 268 open area protection and UL 268A for Duct Detection, and FM Approved.

"The trend toward smaller and more concentrated critical business operations has driven the need for more flexible and focused solutions to protect high value assets," said Jay Waldron, senior vice president and general manager of Vision Fire & Security. "VESDA LaserFOCUS(TM) addresses these needs by offering outstanding VESDA detection performance for smaller critical areas that were previously limited to conventional protection methods."

VESDA LaserFOCUS(TM) is the first air sampling system to use the patent-pending SonicFlow(TM) design to continuously monitor the flow of air through its pipe network. This system offers advantages over other flow sensing technologies, including tolerance to contamination, immunity to temperature changes and altitude, and absolute flow measurement in liters per minute.

VESDA LaserFOCUS uses detection methodology derived directly from its VESDA predecessors-LaserPLUS, LaserSCANNER, and LaserCOMPACT. A dual-stage filter and the incorporation of a clean air bleed in the detection chamber help prevent the unit from being contaminated by dust and other air borne contaminant. These features ensure reliability over the lifetime of the product. The clear, intuitive circular display provides the level of fire threat. According to Ron Ouimette, Vision Systems' VP of Business Development, "The user can immediately assess the risk and respond appropriately to the level of alarm. Unlike traditional detectors, the user does not have to approach the unit to read it. The illuminated dial, LEDs and related icons can be seen from a distance and allow for instant identification of smoke growth and alarm conditions. It will also activate a pre-alarm during the early stages of fire development. "

VESDA LaserFOCUS' field service access door allows easy access to program the unit, and perform diagnostics. The Instant Diagnostics feature converts the smoke dial into a diagnostic indicator that immediately identifies the detector's status without the need for additional programming and evaluation tools. This information can then be given to fire service and maintenance staff prior to arriving at the site, reducing the length of the service call and saving on maintenance costs.
The detector is also equipped with AutoLearn Smoke(TM) and AutoLearn Flow(TM), sophisticated learning algorithms that allow the product to assess environmental conditions, without the need for internal or external programming devices. The most appropriate smoke alarm and flow fault thresholds are automatically set, based on normal operating conditions. This ensures the earliest possible warning of incipient fire, without nuisance alarms.

Optional pre-engineered pipe network design is also incorporated to provide immediate application with minimal effort. ASPIRE2 speeds up and simplifies the design of new and more complex pipe network layouts. Key features such as design wizards, isometric views, an automated design verification process and improved AutoBalance capabilities ensure that a tailored pipe layout is easy to achieve.

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Vision Fire & Security (VFS), a Vision Systems Ltd. business, is a global leader in very early warning smoke detection systems and sophisticated video-based security solutions. VFS products protect high-value, business-critical assets across the world.

VFS operates a global network of companies in Australia, Asia, the United Kingdom and the Americas, including 13 offices across North America.

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